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one baby, two nurseries?

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miriamob Thu 11-Sep-08 01:41:14

Hi Everyone

I'll be returning to work soon and have found a nursery I really really like. The only problem is it can only take my 9 month baby two days a week. So should I opt for another nursery that I'm less keen on full time or put her in to two nurseries part time while I wait for a full time place to come up in my first choice (could be next summer they say!) Worried about causing major disruption for my little one. Anyone else had a similar experience?

BabyBaby123 Thu 11-Sep-08 10:39:50

i wouldn't use two nurseries, particularly for a child so young. Could you find a childminder to have her part time and put her in the 2nd choice nursery the rest of the week? or even just skip the nursery altogether - find a childminder until the 1st choice nursery offers a place - better for a baby imo (having worked in nurseries and as a childminder)

MrsMattie Thu 11-Sep-08 10:41:06

I would opt for one nursery full time

babbi Thu 11-Sep-08 18:57:05

Two nurseries would be too much adjustment for one so young IMVHO

I think a childmeinder would be much better.

miriamob Thu 11-Sep-08 22:48:31

Hi everyone

Thanks for your advice. My little one is already settling in to the first choice nursery for a day a week and won't be settling in to any other form or child care until I get a job (which could be any time) so, because it'll be staggered, I'm not sure if that'll make settling in to a second nursery or a childminder easier???

oldspeckledtam Mon 15-Sep-08 20:13:56

My daughter goes to two nurseries and has done since she was 18 months old.
She settled really well and enjoys the variety of it. Last year she did 1 day and 3 days, but I've evened it up this year to 2 and 2.

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