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What's an appropriate leaving present for nursery staff?

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CaptainPlump Sun 24-Aug-08 22:01:32

My DS is starting school in just under two weeks and his last day at nursery will be next Tuesday. He's been going for nearly two years, and in that time the staff have changed so often that I barely know the names of the current staff.

DS is autistic and requires a lot of attention, and despite around 6 changes in manager over the last couple of years there has always been a really positive attitude towards meeting his needs and being flexible to me, despite the crazy shift patterns I work. I'd really like to show my appreciation, but I have no idea what they'd expect or like as a leaving gift. I don't want to give individual gifts as staff turnover is so high I'd be afraid of missing someone out.

I'm thinking a big card, a generous book token to buy new books for the children, maybe one carefully chosen book from with a message from DS (well, me!) and a big box of biscuits/chocolate for the girls...any other ideas?

Can any nursery staff advise me?

onepieceoflollipop Sun 24-Aug-08 22:07:17

All of your ideas sound lovely.

dd1 and I gave a "joint" present to her teacher that left. It was a beautiful wine glass that I got in a sale, along with a small carton of juice "from" dd and a can of pina colada (from me!) On the tag I wrote that she deserved a drink after a year of dd. grin

Otherwise I would send a few boxes of nice cakes e.g. from M&S in to be shared in the staff room (or if they are overwhelmed with treats I would imagine that individual staff would take them home)

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