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Nurseries in Finchley

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pudding25 Wed 20-Aug-08 22:14:07

Anyone able to recommend any good nurseries for a baby around the Finchley area? I am due back at school in January and worried now that I have left it too late? I heard Bust#y Bees had a bad Ofsted and I don't know of any others around the area apart from Magic in Whetstone which I am going to see next week but they have a waiting list.

cherryapple Thu 21-Aug-08 07:46:06

Hi Pudding25 my lo attends the Rocking Horse Nursery in Finchley Central 2 mornings a week. It's family run business, the staff are all qualified and my lo is really happy there.The nursery is new and has a lovely garden. It also has a webcam which is password controlled for me this is very reassuring to be able to see that my lo is happy. If you have any questions please let me know.

pudding25 Thu 21-Aug-08 09:14:34

Thanks cherryapple. I had heard of the rocking horse. Just had a look at it and it would be the perfect location as really near school. I think I will give them a call although I bet their waiting list is huge. How old is your lo?

chipmunkswhereareyou Thu 21-Aug-08 19:33:37

Don't worry too much about the waiting list - they often free up quicker than you think espec if you can be flexible on days.

cherryapple Fri 22-Aug-08 06:40:16

My lo is 2 yrs,and it was the best we saw in the area we viewed quite a few. Busy bees was the worst the minute I walked through the door I knew I wouldnt be sending my lo there.The lady that showed us around wasnt able to answer a couple of questions that we had so that was also off putting.

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