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Bitten at nursery

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Hayls Wed 16-Feb-05 19:54:56

my 1yo dd recently started at nrusery and is generally quite settled. They started her off in the baby room then decided to gradually start moving her into the older group with some of the babies from the younger group. She went in with them today and was in the ball pool when an older baby climbed in beside her and bit her on the nose. It's quite a nasty bite with marks all round her nose although the skin isn't broken- it happened at 1200 and was still very red and sore when she went to bed at 7.
Nursery filled in an accident form and treated it with cold compress, ice and cuddles and I think the ice upset her more than the bite did. They apparently told the other child that it wasn't nice to do that and sent his parents and incident form but I'm worried about her being in the older group (she's 13 months)

I know these things happen and I'm not at all angry with the other child or parents etc (why would I be, my dd is no angel!)but I just wondered if anybody else had experienced anything similar and how they dealt with it. I probably imagined it but when I went to give dd a kiss tonight she opened her mouth wide and put it over my nose (didn't bite but semi closed her mouth) and I'm hoping she's not going to copy it.

Sorry for rambling, not too sure what I'm actually asking... probably just feelings of guilt making me spill the beans!

katzguk Wed 16-Feb-05 20:02:40

my DD was badly bitten at nursery, she still bears a bit of a scar on her arm, like you i wasn't angry with the nursery or the child or its parents these things happen our concern was that the bit was so nasty and we didn't want it to happen again. The child although the same age as our DD was considerably bigger. Nursery have handled it very well and the child in question has been shadow and it hasn't happened again, nearly did but DD being very vocal alerted the staffs attension.

I guess what i'm trying to say is i know how you feel. we felt powerless in the same situation. DD loves her nursery and we wouldn't want to move her somewhere else but we wanted to protect her from it happening again.

On the copying front DD never has but it was something that crossed our minds, in fact she has gone quite the opposite and is very anti bitting i think because she knows how painful it is.

I hope my rambling helps in some way if only to say been there, know how it feels and dito about feeling a little helpless

Hayls Wed 16-Feb-05 20:14:30

Thanks, you managed to say what I was thinking so much better! Dd does normally kiss with her mouth open so I'm hoping she just missed my lips. She's certainly never bitten before. I think part of the problem is that she is quite big for her age and she doesn't really look like a 'baby' IYKWIM- the other child probably didn't realise she was so much younger than him/her

Mum2Ela Wed 16-Feb-05 20:24:24

Hi. My DD wasn't bitten but was recently the biter (iyswim) recently. She bit the boy next door (she is 26 mths, he has just turned 3). Although they play a lot together, they seem to argue a lot, but on the day in question we (me and boys mum) were having a cup of coffee in her kitchen. DD and boy were watching dvd and for once were being perfect angels, until the little boy came into us literally holding his breath, tryig to cry, as DD had bitten him really hard on the finger. Obviously I went completly ballistic with her (right or wrong?) but later I thought it odd that she hadn't been provoked / done it out of temper.

Not sure what I am trying to say, perhaps that in my caes I am hoping it was a developmental stage and now over with (DD hasn't repeated the behaviour since).


Pamina3 Thu 17-Feb-05 09:46:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chloeb2002 Fri 25-Feb-05 17:58:31

My DD has been on both sides of this fence and has been bitten and has bitten. I dont think this was a learnt response and now as a 2 1/2 yr old is always telling her firends not to bite. Like your DD she was a tall toddler and she has moved into the next room early, she was walking alone at nine months and loves her chreche. I think that biting is just part of growing up, most kids do it at some point... just my theory!

graciemonster Fri 25-Feb-05 20:36:09

Hi there,

I'm after a bit of advice really. My daughter
(2 1/2)has just come home from nursery with a very severe bite to the side of her face, and it's the 5th one from the same child. We're due to have another meeting with the nursery on Monday, but I really don't want to change her nurseries as she's settled, has friends and really enjoys it there, but I'm obviously concerned for her safety. Any ideas??

Jimjams Thu 03-Mar-05 20:02:08

the most obvious one is to separate the 2 of them- this is what they would do at ds2\s nursery although I know a lot of nursery's separate on age so that wouldn't work.

Ask whether this child is biting everyone (in which case they need to do something with him and sort out an approproate plan fast) or whether he's singling your dd out?

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