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Recommend Nurseries in South Manchester Area

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Fella Thu 14-Aug-08 10:02:23

I have to go back to work next February, which I am dreading already and am starting to get feelings of guilt. However, I have to go back or pay all my maternity salary back, which isn't an option. If I have to send my DS to a nursery I want it to be a good one where he will be looked after properly. Can anyone recommend one in my area? I live in Sale but am willing to travel a little way.

caramelbunny Thu 14-Aug-08 20:52:24

My daughter's at Kids Allowed Didsbury. Very expensive but she seems happy there and wouldn't be too far for you as it's right next to M60 jn5. Think there's a Leapfrog near Sale, they're meant to be good, got some friends whose daughter is starting there soon. Don't worry about guilt and dread, by Feb you might be desperate for some adult company!

katiechops Tue 19-Aug-08 14:34:00

DD (nearly 2) is at Oakland's in Chorlton (used to be called William Hulme). She loves it there and the staff are really caring and friendly. They do lots of activities (she come home covered in paint most days!), have an outside play area and often go to Longford Park which is a short walk away.

Don't feel guilty about going back to work. I felt quite aprehensive about leaving my LO (she was only 6mths when I went back to work), but I am happy that she is being well looked after by genuinely caring staff. Also I think that mixing with other children has helped her development - she is much more confident, has better speech and is more adaptable than her cousin who is the same age but SIL looks after her at home.

pleasechange Wed 20-Aug-08 10:09:21

Hi Fella - just as a heads up, it's worth putting your name down for nurseries asap, as many of them have waiting lists.

I go back to work in Feb as well and live near Sale. Have you managed to find any good baby groups? I haven't been to any yet, but I could do with the company!

Fella Mon 25-Aug-08 14:07:01

Hi allnew- hoping to start some clubs in september, going to try out Jo jingles and Rhythm Time. Going to try and find a Gymbabes too.

Mum2Lucas Thu 28-Aug-08 19:27:09

My sons have been at Holyrood in Prestwich for 3 years and it's fantastic. It's a chain throughout Manchester and there's one in Altrincham which I think was rated good by OFSTED. The added bonus is that my hudband works shifts so our childcare requirements change on a weekly basis. They let us simply provide nursery dates 2 months in advance and we only pay for the days we need - it saves us a fortune!

Littleface Thu 28-Aug-08 19:36:32

Hi, Im in Sale aswell, not looking for nurseries myself but I've heard good things about Trinity, think its near Derbyshire road. I go to a few groups with my 2 allnew but if you fancy some company we could all try some together? smile

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