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4sCompany Fri 08-Aug-08 11:40:49

We moved to a new area 3 mths ago, a big part of our decision to choose this area was because of the very good school which our Ds would be in the catchment for.

He turned 2 end of May and so i thought it better to get him registered with the nursery of choice asap.

About a month ago i received a letter from the school asking me to choose which sessions i'd like my son to attend.

I found this really odd as he won't be attending until Sept.09.

The choices we were givem were full days Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday morning, or afternoon Wednesday and full days Thursday and Friday.

I just assumed he would attend half days Monday - Friday.

Also how am i meant to choose which sessions will be better for us now, when most of the time i'm not sure what i'm doing the next week, nevermind the next year.

I took the completed form into the reception at the school and explained that i'd prefer he attended on a half day basis. He's never had any kind of childcare and at 3yrs old entering straight into full day care seems a bit extreme to me (but maybe thats mummy fear talking lol).

Just interested to see how this works elsewhere.

nurseryvoice Fri 08-Aug-08 12:25:36

How peculiar.
No stick to your guns, half days are much better at this age if you do not need to work etc
Just do 3 mornings or 3 afternoons, any problems and report them to the LEA. You are allowed to have as many sessions as you wish.

4sCompany Fri 08-Aug-08 15:47:32

thanks, DS is an only child so not had any experience of this before and he's also the youngest of the children in friends / family so have been finding it hard to get some perspective on the situation.

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