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DS is starting nursery full time in 5wks...aaaagghhh

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Jodyray Wed 06-Aug-08 14:05:05

He will have just turned one. I feel sick with worry already and I keep panicking that something bad will happen to him. DP says I am being stupid, is this normal?? Most of my friends are looking at me like i am a neurotic mother, that said they would leave their kids with anyone for a bit of a break but I am just not like that. DD went to my parents instead of nursery so not been in this position before. Please can someone reassure me!?! hmm

catweazle Thu 07-Aug-08 20:12:41

My DD started nursery in January for 3 whole days, at the age of 10 months. She went full time at 15 months.

I actually feel she's safer at nursery than with DH actually, as the nursery staff won't go off to sleep or forget to shut the stairgate, or leave the front door open grin

That said, I do know what you mean. None of my others went to nursery and it felt like such a big deal. But she loves it. She greets the other children in the mornings, and is happy to see the staff. She gets loads of new toys to play with and gets to do painting and other things I don't like doing.

Your DS will be fine, really he will.

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