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accepted a place for 3 days/wk now only need 2 days/wk. will i have a problem?

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forevermore Thu 24-Jul-08 11:22:28

I accepted 3 days/wk and signed forms etc for a septemberplace in local nursery . I now have an offer at local preschool for two days a week (dd is soon to be 3). I work four days a week, so want to reduce the nursery time to 2 days and have dd at pre-school for 2 days. The owner is on holiday but was given the impression by the deputy that it may not a given that i will be now able to do 2 days a week, even though more than 4 weeks notice given??

LIZS Thu 24-Jul-08 11:26:40

What do the terms and conditions say about cancellation, do they prefer a minimum number of days ?

forevermore Thu 24-Jul-08 11:29:11

i think its four weeks notice, but not sure if this applies when we have yet to start. either way there is enough notice, just wondering if they could revoke the offer all together?

pinkdelight Tue 29-Jul-08 20:00:02

All depends on your nursery. If it's big and has plenty of spaces, you should be fine. If it's small, you may have a problem. It would be a problem with the small nursery my ds is due to go to in Sept. They sort out their Sept intake carefully so that their places are filled as far as possible. They couldn't guarantee me a place for two days unless someone else wanted to take the other three days. But they said that three days was a different matter as it was more financially viable for them so they let me reserve the space for three days without them needing someone to take the other two (I'm going to pay for three days but mostly only send him for two). I'm not sure I've expressed that very well, but it would mess them up if I changed to two days and they might well ditch me for someone off the waiting list who wanted more days. But as I say, your place may be more flexible if you ask the owner very nicely.

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