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Should I move DS to his third nursery in three years?

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snotbuster Tue 22-Jul-08 10:11:09

DS is currently at his second nursery. The first one was private, expensive and I was always a bit suspicious that they focussed on appearances more than anything (eg he'd come home spotlessly clean with paintings that had clearly been done by the staff!). He's now at a local one, that is a charity. It's a bit chaotic and I find it hard to get info about what he's been doing all day but he seems happier there than at the first one. My major concern is that it has a very high staff turnover, which is disruptive for everyone.
Recently a new children's centre has opened near to us that's supposedly fantastic. It's attached to the primary school that he will go to if we stay here. He has to change rooms at the current nursery soon anyway so am wondering whether to switch nursery again. Would make it his third in three years though, and we might be moving next year so then he'd go to yet another place for pre-school.
Sorry for the ramble but would appreciate any thoughts on this.

kingfix Tue 22-Jul-08 10:21:49

Follow your instincts. My dd (2) has had 3 nurseries and a nanny in 15 months because our first nursery closed, the second one was rubbish and the nanny covered the emergency few months until we could get a place in a good nursery.
I was v worried about all the disruption and dd was a bit clingy for a couple of months in the awful high turnover phase BUT now she's settled somewhere great, is very happy and everything works better for all of us. In short, I think it's better to move than to stay somewhere you/he is not happy.

snotbuster Tue 22-Jul-08 11:55:47

Thanks kingfix. Have always felt that his current one is an improvement on the first but still not ideal. It has been quite difficult to 'settle him in' both times though - but maybe because neither were great. Have been putting off even looking at the new one because it'll force me into making a decision.

FromGirders Tue 22-Jul-08 12:01:39

Ds just had three nurseries (pre-school year) in the last year because we had to move house (lived temporarily with my parents between houses). He's been fine, each nursery was nicer than the last.

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