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Problem with key worker for DD

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ElenorRigby Sat 19-Jul-08 20:53:39

DD's key worker has ime always had something of an attitude problem, things seem a bit of a problem to her unlike other staff.
I have been uncomfortable with the looks and innuendo for some time.
I asked the manager to assign a new key worker as I felt nervous and uncomfortable with dealing with her.

I am a bit nervous that the other staff think I am being awkward/unfair

Elasticwoman Sun 20-Jul-08 10:48:41

What did the manager say?

What does it matter what the other staff think? You are the customer. If you are not comfortable, you could find alternative childcare. I preferred to use childminders as they are able to create a more personal relationship with the child. Of course, the downside is, there is more chance of being let down at the last minute, in case of illness, death in the family etc.

Are you a lone parent, EleanorRigby?

bossybritches Sun 20-Jul-08 10:56:39

No you are NBU- if your instinct is right then she may be being awkward with other parents too.

What sorts of things are a problem? Does she feel threatened by your (perfectly valid) enquiries/preferences for your child?

It may be worth discussing it further with the manager. FWIW I had an issue like this with one of my staff- we could never pin a specific problem on this certain key-worker but I wasn't sure she was as she seemed. Then in quick succession we had a complaint from a parent AND a co-worker, that confirmed out gut feelings so we managed to get rid of her!!

So it's always worth raising your thoughts, in a "thought you'd like to know" way, it may help!

merryandmad Sun 20-Jul-08 11:16:39

The nursery manager should be professional enough to change your daughter's key worker without any back lash.

I have never had a problem with any of my two dd's key workers, but if i did, I wouldn't hesitate to swap. My dd2 in particular is very tired and gets upset very easily when i drop her off- therefore i think it's imprtant to feel comfortable with them.

As elasticwoman says- you are the paying customer so have a right to feel comfortable.

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