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Does it matter if the paint is flaking in a nursery?

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Pavlovthecat Mon 14-Jul-08 18:48:19

My DD has been going to her nursery since she was 8 months old.

Mostly we have been happy there, but have had a few issues, mainly to do with organisation, or lack of, lack of planning, and the fact that there are too many trainees there for our liking.

However, on the plus size, its quite small (or, underused?) which means DD has a good relationship with her carers, and the other children. We know most of the carers, and there are three who have an involvement with DD whom we actually like. The outside space is small but well used.

The manager has just gone on maternity leave, the new manager is nice, the assistant manager is new. The person who was going to take over assistant manager is also pg so going, shame as she is lovely.

DD was moved up to the 2-3yo room last week without telling us. DH took her in at 10am not 8:30am as normal, as we were running late and did not know she was changing rooms. They were about to go outside for a run around and DD was upset, bigger kids, but overwhelmed but it was all a bit rushed (outside time for those upstairs is different than downstairs in baby room) and DH did not have an opportunity to talk to anyone about it.

I called and advised I was upset and disappointed that we were not kept informed, as we would have been on time, and also have not seen upstairs since DD was 6 months old, and we were not interested so much then.

Agreed to go in a be shown around upstairs. It is cramped, messy (not toy messy but rundown messy), the toys are not in great shape, but we were told good toys were in the cupboard, same with books, falling apart but this is because they get destroyed easily. The room, including the messy area off of it holds up to 14 children, plus the adults, and is smaller than the two baby rooms which seem to have less in.

The paint on the walls is peeling off and it generally needs a good freshen up, some love and attention. The messy area where they get stripped to their nappy/pants and do painting is the same area they they eat their food.

There is some structure there, it is up on the wall, and all the children appear happy. They are happy in theory to follow our advice and suggestions on potty training etc, but previous experience has demonstrated that they forget to do things we ask, and have been a bit lax in for example recording a bump to the head.

DD is happy there.

RubySlippers Mon 14-Jul-08 18:53:18

sounds like they are poor communicators but more out of being chaotic rather than not giving a damn?

maybe they are going to give it a lick of paint at some point

peeling paint is a bit ick, but not the end of the world

they probably need to get their act together with their reporting and you shoulnd't be afraid of reminding them driving them mad

Pavlovthecat Mon 14-Jul-08 19:03:05

Ruby - I think thats it, they do care, but things seem to get on top of them.

nurseryvoice Mon 14-Jul-08 19:16:19

Just a note about space.
under 2's have to have 3.5 sqmtrs ea
2's 2.5 sqmtrs
3's and over 2.3 sqmtrs

so its quite plausable that the room seems smaller for more children. Ask them how many they are allowed to have?

Ive said it before, staff need supervision!
As long as your Dd is happy thats the main.

Pavlovthecat Mon 14-Jul-08 20:44:10

nersuryvoice thats interesting, that would explain the difference in space size.

I was told by the person showing us around that it can hold up to 14, plus adults, but is cramped when it does so. It does not often hold this many, apart from Mondays, the very busy days, which is a day DD is going to be going on from next month. The other day is relatively quiet right now, the day she is already there.

DD is happy there, and the carers clearly do enjoy looking after her. When they have the time, they give us anecdotes, but often they dont have time to talk, or a trainee who does not know her is there when we collect her. They have a high attrition rate which I am aware is not unusual in nurseries, however their are several that DD gets on with well who have been there for the entire time she is there, although her fave is leaving to have a baby sad!

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