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Should DD go to nursery on days I'm not working?

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MrsAlwaysRight Sun 13-Jul-08 22:28:08

Hi All.

My DD is due to start nursery next month 2 full days per week. I have been told by work I am not allowed to work set days each week so must follow the shift pattern which involves different days each week, therefore some weeks there will be days that I am off on the days DD has a nursery place. I am trying to decide whether it will be best for her to go regardless of whether I am home or not so she gets into a rountine or to be selfish and keep her home those days to spend time with her. Or if the nursery are happy maybe take her in for half a day as a compromise or will this confuse her? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

3littlefrogs Sun 13-Jul-08 22:36:08

I guess it depends how old she is, whether you can afford to pay for the nursery, and how long your shifts are. How difficu;t and stressful is it gong to be to change the nursery times from day to day/week to week?

gigglewitch Sun 13-Jul-08 22:36:22

My DC have always done 2 days a week at nursery. they settle well on it, better than only 1 day iyswim and not full time which i think would be too much [and tooo expensive]!
If - like at this time of year, there are times when I'm off for one of the other childrens sports days or whatever then LO stays with me, but if there's stuff to do then I go with your other idea and do half a day of "us time" and play with DD - usually morning because she gets more out of it; then get her to nursery for a few hours in the afternoon so she has 'been' and I can get the grocery shopping or washing or whatever done wink without feeling i'm dragging her round too.
Go with mum-instinct and don't be afraid to try out both options, or pick and choose depending on your mood. there are no right and wrongs.
On the work issue, you could apply for flexible working, and attempt to stay within certain days for example any three days of sun to Thurs but never working Fri or something <or have you already tried this?> this doesn't mean you are inflexible, it just balances work and family needs better.

3littlefrogs Sun 13-Jul-08 22:37:14

Could your work at least give a consistant pattern of set days over a month? That might at least make it easier to plan.

nelliesmum Sun 13-Jul-08 22:44:43

For heavens sake....YES, you will have some time to yourself.

MrsAlwaysRight Sun 13-Jul-08 22:46:52

Sorry should have given a bit more info in original post! DD will be almost 1. Work have categorically stated that I can't work when my team aren't working therefore have to work around the existing shift pattern. It is a set pattern over 5 weeks. I basically will just about break even each month. I have to go back as if I don't I need to repay my additional maternity pay. I am applying for flexible working to work less hours per week. I haven't even discussed options with nursery but have assumed that as long as they are being paid for 2 sessions each week it shouldn't matter if DD doesn't attend every one. please correct me if I am wrong about this!

CaurnieBred Thu 17-Jul-08 10:16:19

It won't matter to them if DD doesn't attend the sessions she has been booked in for; you will be paying for it anyway.


Shoegazer Thu 17-Jul-08 11:39:03

My DD attends nursery 2 mornings a week. I only work one night shift a week so technically I only "need" her to do one session a week but so that I can be more flexible for work she goes to 2. Some weeks I might do an extra shift so I do use her nursery sessions to sleep, most weeks I use one of her nursery sessions to sleep and the other for boring errands (or mumsnetting like now blush) and some weeks I work the friday night so I have two mornings free whilst she goes to nursery. I chose this more so that she could get into a routine in going to nursery than for my benefit, but there is nothing wrong in having some time to yourself smile

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