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Asquith Nurseries....what is more recent feedback like?

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dal21 Fri 11-Jul-08 10:22:24

Hi - have seen some threads from a while ago where Asquith has received some negative feedback.

I have DS registered and due to start at another west hampstead nursery (he will be 1yr old), but have also heard some negative feedback from parents who have their DC's there. I am meeting with the principle on Monday to discuss my concerns.

However the Asquith nursery around the corner also has some space to accomodate DS and I plan to take a look round. Does anyone have any recent feedback on it?

Many thanks.

Booper13 Fri 11-Jul-08 21:08:36

No feedback I'm afraid, but will watch with interest as I am looking for a nursery for 15 month old DS to go 2 half days per week and have visited Asquith West Hampstead and Active Learning. There are no places at Active Learning at the moment (have to pay £50 non-refundable deposit to even get on waiting list with no place guaranteed - extortion imho!) There are places at Asquith but I'm not sure. I'm also visiting Clowns (between Hampstead and Golders Green) this week - it got an outstanding from OFSTED. Will make a decision thereafter. Can I ask which one you've heard negative feedback on. Good luck, it's really tricky isn't it.

dal21 Sat 12-Jul-08 09:59:27

Hi - Its actually Active Learning that I had negative feedback on. They have had lots of staff changes due to, I understand changes in senior management. But to be fair to them, I have no experience first hand and am meeting with them in the next couple of weeks to discuss my concerns. I wouldnt want to give negative feedback on the basis of third party information as parenting/ communication styles can vary so much - so anothers experience may be very different to mine.

They may well address my queries and concerns (which i really hope they do as I want to send DS there). I loved Active when I visited it - there are so many positives; the £50 is pretty standard from what I understand.

It is difficult to know what is best, will wait and see what happens.

dal21 Mon 14-Jul-08 17:59:53

Booper - Just an update for you.

Went to active learning today and raised a few of my concerns. The new principle addressed them all and I am really relieved. DS was very happy there at his first session and it really helped that when I walked in, one of my friends DD was sitting having her lunch and looked very happy.

So am relieved to say am sticking with active.

Booper13 Thu 31-Jul-08 15:27:55

Hi dal - just seen your last post. I'm so glad everything has worked out well. In the end we've decided on Clowns Nursey. Liked it from the tour and it got an outstanding from OFSTED. DS starts in September, 2 afternoons per week.

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