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Dd had settled in nursery eventually but now sobbing in the mornings again - normal?

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MummyToOneForNow Thu 10-Jul-08 13:13:50

My dd is 19 mths and has been at nursery 3 days per week since she was 9 mths. It took ages for her to settle in fully - for about 3 months she would cry as we went in although would apparently stop after about 5-10 mins. We have had the odd difficult day since, particularly if she has had a few days off for illness or trips away to see gparents etc.

She had chicken pox three weeks ago and had just over a week off and in the two weeks she has been back has got progressively worse each morning that I take her - sobbing before we even got to the building this morning.

Is this just down to the chicken pox or is it linked to her age and a greater understanding of what is going on? I could understand it the first couple of days but it is getting worse not better

asicsgirl Thu 10-Jul-08 16:26:17

poor you sad

ds1 was similar - worse after holidays, and we had the same experience after chicken pox. he did get better again eventually but it is heartbreaking, i do sympathise.

we found the presence of a particular nursery worker that he liked really helped. she would come over and talk to him without trying to take him and would gently suggest they went off together to look at the trains/ diggers etc. nursery would also phone me to say he was playing happily after 10 mins! gawd i love them smile

hope it gets better for you soon

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