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DS aged 2 left in room alone for 15mins while others all outside!!!! Comments please!

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joesmama Fri 04-Jul-08 10:36:15

Just found out that there was an "incident" at DS's nursery this week. He "accidentally" was left inside on his own while others all went outside into the garden. The garden backs onto the room he was in and there are the room is very child friendly - no obvious dangers. DS was playing happily on his own when discovered 15 mins later. Nursery have launched a full internal investigation and are very apologetic. Not sure how I feel about the situation. In every other way we are completely happy with the nursery. Any comments would be welcome!

LittleMyDancing Fri 04-Jul-08 10:38:01

Sounds like there was no harm done - it's not as if he got out onto the road or something. It's not brilliant, but I imagine they'll be extra vigilant in future, so I would just mention that you're not very happy about it and leave it at that.

That would be my reaction, anyway - especially if you're happy with them in every other way.


posieflump Fri 04-Jul-08 10:38:16

It would bother me just this once.
I think it shows a lot that they are investigating and have told you about it.
I suppose the main concern is no one noticed he was missing so he could have been anywhere really but luckily he was somewhere safe.

bruxeur Fri 04-Jul-08 10:39:06

Seems like an appropriate response from them.

Why have you quoted "incident" and "accidentally" - do you not believe them or is it just reported speech?

snowleopard Fri 04-Jul-08 10:46:03

Good response from them, to tell all, apologise and investigate. Also, the fact that when this did happen, he was found in a safe childproofed room suggests their safety set-up is OK - ie he didn't get out or get anywhere unsafe. I would be asking them to check carefully all their exits, garden gates etc and make sure they are secured and childproofed - my take would be, OK, if it's possible to have a situation where the staff don't notice he's not there for 15 mins, then you need to make bloody sure they can't get out. But I would let them off.

Lizzylou Fri 04-Jul-08 10:48:49

It's obviously not great, but I think it speaks volumes that you were told about it and a full investigation launched.
They could so easily have swept it under the carpet

mouse1 Sat 12-Jul-08 22:27:45

This would worry me it's ok for themto say that he was happily playing, but what if he wasn't and he was really upset, what if he had fallen and hurt his self, i'm glad there is an investigation someone should be held responsible I can't understand why someone hadn't realized he was missing from the rest of the group. or am I just being too overprotective.

edam Sat 12-Jul-08 22:31:46

I agree, the fact that they have confessed, are apologetic and investigating suggests this is a good nursery.

coastalmum Sat 12-Jul-08 22:34:36

I work in a nursery and have to say I constantly count my kids, even when we're in the room and the doors shut.

I would focus on the fact that the nursery told you, there are some nurseries that wouldn't. I would ask in writing for a copy of the investigation and how they are changing their proceedures to ensure that this never happens again.

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