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Anyone use or have heard of Greenfields Nurseries in S.Wales?

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Mumooms Mon 30-Jun-08 15:58:04

I'm looking for a nursery for September when I hopefully go to university. Has anyone got any feedback on Greenfields Nurseries, particularly the Cwmbran and Rogerstone ones?

Mumooms Wed 02-Jul-08 09:25:27


Mumooms Sat 05-Jul-08 22:44:37

Does anyone know anything about nurseries in South wales then? Anyone?

fitnfortyone Mon 14-Jul-08 15:30:28

Sorry, don't know about that one, but I've booked my LO into Celtic Springs nursery down at J28 M4. There's an Acorns nursery down by the Stats Office as well, though it's a bit pricier and not as new.
Not much help was it?

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