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Media reports childcare costs in London

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bubble99 Thu 27-Jan-05 20:57:10

Average cost in London is £200 per week for a full time place (50 hours per week.) That works out at £4 per hour - including meals. Most people in London pay their cleaner , if they are able to afford one, more than that. Which is worth more!?

soapbox Thu 27-Jan-05 21:01:50

Bubble - in a nursery or at a childminders which is what they are talking about here it is usual for more than one child to be looked after at a time. Therefore the £4 per hour is per child. So if a childminder or nursery has a 3 children to 1 carer ratio they make £12 per hour which is a lot more than a cleaner gets!

A nanny in London costs upwards of £350 a week net per week. This equates to a total cost to the employer of around £475 a week which also works out at a lot more than a cleaner would be paid.

bubble99 Thu 27-Jan-05 22:10:27

Still seems that I'm paying a reasonable rate per hour (£4) for a professional (NNEB) to look after my most precious asset. What do dog-walkers (who take out more than one dog at a time) or kennels charge in London? Not comparing my children to domestic pets - well, sometimes it's an appropriate comparison, particularly the muddy paw prints

bubble99 Thu 27-Jan-05 22:12:56

Couldn't afford a private nanny though.

KatieMac Thu 27-Jan-05 22:14:11

£12 per hour less overheads........My DH and I childmind (upto 6 under 5) we are making (before tax) about £1.52 an hour each.

soapbox Thu 27-Jan-05 22:18:02

KatieMac - that seems very low? How do your overheads break down. £9ish per hour sounds a lot to me!

KatieMac Thu 27-Jan-05 22:19:15

It's not the hrs I have 6 children that are the problem....It's the hours I have 1 or 2.

moondog Thu 27-Jan-05 22:19:59

F*ing hell! We paid £95 a week for dd to attend a lovley nursery in my part of Wales. Converted barns, gorgeous staff (most of whom I knew anyway) acres of fields to play in, home grown food and (get this!) a handsome young French chef who was moonlighting from his night job at a posh hotel and STILL we moaned!

KatieMac Thu 27-Jan-05 22:20:38

Sorry that £12 was for the nursery mentioned in your post.

I charge £3.50 per hour so when I have 6 it's £21.....

soapbox Thu 27-Jan-05 22:20:56

Hmmm - yes I can see how that works out. I suppose its the age old story - you need to spread the 'sunk' costs out over as many earning hours as poss

bubble99 Thu 27-Jan-05 22:36:36

LOL moondog. Worth that for the chef alone. The difference is that the average property price in this area (3 bedroomed terraced) is £420,000. Nursery nurse (NVQ 3 or NNEB) salary is £14 -16,000. Nursery Managers £20 - 28,000. Salaries for nursery staff are a lot higher here (I suspect, don't know what your nursery pays it's staff). Hence nursery fees higher. A career in Childcare is a vocation but rents, bills and mortgages still need to be paid, and in my part of London it's expensive. Parking meter £1 for 20 minutes! The point I'm trying to make is that, although not everyone in London earns a huge salary - and I should know, I'm a nurse, £4 per hour is affordable for most working people here.

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