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Would 2 nurseries be too confusing ???

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nutcracker Mon 24-Jan-05 18:49:44

Ok this is long, so apologies in advance.

In september i will be going back to college (don't ask what i'm doing, haven't got that far yet ).

I will be going back part time (1 day a week), because i can't face doing full time as i don't want to leave Ds in nursery full time.

I will start in sept 05 when Ds will be 2.9. He will get a free place at the college nursery, but i have already looked around this nursery and am not overly keen. Seemed a bit bare and not alot of structure to the day, also lots of kids wandering around crying. However a friend has had her Ds there this year and reckons it is great.

Anyway in Jan 06 Ds will be entitled to 12.5 hours of nursery provision a a private nursery on the site of Dd's school. The 12.5 will almost cover 2 days leaving me with a bill of about 5/6 pounds a week which is fine.
Should i then pay for him to go there for my college day from sept to the jan which would be about 16 pounds for the day, and then increase it to 2 days in the jan when my bill would go down OR should i accept the place at the college nursery and then let him start for 2 days at the other nursery in Jan too.

Basically it's either one day a week at college nursery until Jan and then adding two days at private nursery too OR

One day at college nursery and no other nursery until school starts in 07 OR

Me struggle a bit to pay for one full day at private nursery from sept to jan, but then get 2 days almost free there from Jan until he goes to school with all his friends from that nursery.

Feel like i have just typed such a load of waffle...sorry.

nutcracker Mon 24-Jan-05 21:24:17


hippi Tue 25-Jan-05 10:00:48

I don't see that sending him to two nurseries would be too much of a problem. My dd goes to nursery 2 days and is with her nan 2 days. As long as a rountine becomes established i'm sure there wont be any problems. Just wondering i get some of my nursery fee paid by department of works and pensions via my family tax credit, which is put into my wages. Would you as a student not be entitled to some money off this private nursery through some scheme. Dept work and pensions mentioned something about training and help with child care costs when i visited them - although may be that because free place has been offered you won't be entitled. i don't know - might be an idea to contact your local office - here they're in with the job centre. there very friendly and will try to help and give you as much info and advice as poss. Sorry about the waffle not sure if it makes sense . But anyway don't see that two nurseries would hurt!

iota Tue 25-Jan-05 10:08:43

nutcracker - have you checked with the nursery that they will pay the full 12.5 over 2 days?

The reason I ask is because the grant is for 5 x 2.5 sessions and in our area you can only have 2 sessions per day ie morning and afternoon - there has to be an hour between them, so 2 days at nursery here will only entitle you to 4 x 2.5 free sessions.

majorstress Tue 25-Jan-05 10:23:08

It was delightful to see my 18 month old thrive when put 2 days a week into Montessori, andnow I've upped it to 3 d, after full time in my worthy but dull work place. It if definitely MUCH more confusing and stressful-for the mother!!!!!! Proceed with caution.

SoupDragon Tue 25-Jan-05 14:37:25

DS2 coped admirably going to 2 nurseries from last September. He was older though at 3.7 He went to his !old" nursey for 2 full days and the primary school pre-school for 3 mornings.

nutcracker Wed 26-Jan-05 10:39:23

Iota - Dd1 went to the same nursery for 5 morning sessions so i just paid for one session, but Dd2 went for 2 days 9am until 3.30 pm. I have to pay for the lunch hour and juice, swimming etc but nothing else.

The college won't contribute towards it because he couild have a place at their nursery, i just don't like it very much.

nutcracker Wed 26-Jan-05 10:41:19

I might have a word with the private nursery and see what they think.

I just prefer that one cos, he knows the surroundings and i know all the staff already, so would be more comfortable with it.

Iota , meant to add that we were told that we could have the 12.5 hours however we liked so long as they actually covered time they were in nursery, hence not coveriung the lunch hour.

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