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Dolphin Montessori and others in NW5, anyone help please?

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zonedout Wed 04-Jun-08 21:15:59

Would be extremely grateful for any feedback on Dolphin Montessori. I went to see it after finding out my first choice of nursery (Rainbow in NW5) has a sibling policy meaning there are unlikely to be any places for non-siblings this coming September (when i would really like my ds to begin for several reasons) but I am still waiting to hear for sure. I have heard one extremely positive report and one average one about Dolphin but am currently pregnant and although i liked it am finding it hard to trust my extremely hormonal instincts. I got on well with the owner but wasn't convinced about one of the assistants. Also, my ds will be starting about 6 weeks before dc2 arrives and i want to do everything possible to ensure i make the right choice at a time of great change for us all.

We have also been offered a place at Gower School which i have heard is fab but i feel a smaller and more inimate setting would suit my ds better for his first experience.

Many Thanks in advance for any help! I need to make my decisions asap!

zonedout Wed 11-Jun-08 15:07:47

bumping on the off chance anyone can help before i make my final decision...

mixedmama Wed 18-Jun-08 17:50:09

bumping again for you as I am interested in Kentish town nurseries....

i was looking at bringing up baby in ryland road.. lookign for soem opinions... is dolphin only over 2's?

zonedout Wed 18-Jun-08 18:12:39

a good friend of mine recently took her dd out of bringing up baby after a year or so as she really wasn't very happy with it. i am not sure of the exact reasons why. yes, dolphin is only over 2's. I have heard good things about bright horizons on highgate road which takes them from very small and the gower school is supposed to be excellent (a friend has had two boys there from a few months old), also from very young, but is a little further away.

mixedmama Thu 19-Jun-08 13:49:52

The Highgate one could work as I will be coming out of Kentish Town station to pick them up.

Would be interested to know the reasons for the bringing up baby thing.

zonedout Thu 19-Jun-08 20:31:23

I will try to find out for you now...

Yes, the Highgate Road one is a very easy walk from the tube.

mixedmama Fri 20-Jun-08 13:27:49

Popped by the Highgate one today and have booked to have a look round on Monday.

zonedout Tue 24-Jun-08 21:38:18

what did you think, mixedmama?

monkeymom Thu 16-Jul-09 23:45:24

I'm wondering if anyone has anything to say about Dolphin Montessori at this time. I'm also looking at Rainbow Nursery, Woodentots, and the Gower School, so any opinions on those would be helpful as well.

Thank you!

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