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Thinking of going back to college........

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busyalexsmummy Mon 17-Jan-05 14:25:37

I really need to step up proceedings forgoing back to college this sept, but my driving plans have been slightly put off due to etcetc, so I have now found a way to go if I dont manage to pass test etc before sept this yr.
I will have to leave my house with ds at 6.30am get bus and arrive at 9.30am drop him off at college nursery(he will be 19months by then)then go into college, day will finish at different times each day sometimes 4pm sometimes between 2-3.30pm, then I will be picking him up and returning home.
this is the only course nearset to my home town and this is the only way I can do it, I just wanted to know if everyone thinks this is ok, or is it too much travelling around for a 19month old??
also has anyone used or heard good reports about Abbeywood tots in bristol?
ta xx

lunavix Mon 17-Jan-05 14:27:39

6 hours of bus time is a lot each day... it will depend on whether you can entertain him that long and if you can keep positive on it ie if he's having a temper one day early in the morning and its raining and hailing are you still going to be able to cope?

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