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Streatham Nursery concern

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Caz33 Mon 19-May-08 14:07:00

My child attends Caroline's Montessori Nursery and things have been going well until couple of months ago when I have noticed a lack in care and professionalism (they changed management and the Manager left - not on good terms) and then my child's behaviour. However, being a toddler some of it could be terrible two's timing but other things have started to cause doubt and I'd really appreciate some thoughts on whether I am over-reacting or whether to go with my gut instincts. For instance, when he gets picked up his hands and face haven't been wiped and his t-shirt is covered in food, naps every day are usually around 2 hours which means very late bedtimes, no updates on potty training. Also, he hates going there... almost to the point of when we pull into the road he starts crying. I've been assured that he settles down and does have a very close friend. He has also starting pinching and if anyone misbehaves he tells me to smack them!!! All in all, I am just worried as he is used to his parents not being around since he was 6 months old but is some of this behaviour normal?

Blu Mon 19-May-08 19:10:22

I would drop in unexpectedly early to pick him up and see what you observe. I wouldn't worry about food on T shirt etc, but naps need to be responsive to the child's routine and needs, not at the nursery decree.

Unhappiness is worrying, too - I pulled DS out of a nursery he was unhappy in (with good reason imo) when he was 3, and he settled in a different one very quickly and happily. But they do go through phases - bit of a co-incidence if it started with the change of manager, though.

RubySlippers Mon 19-May-08 19:13:04

some of it may well be toddler behaviour

ignore the clothes - DS is a filthpot when i pick him up

what time do they nap till?

no updates is poor - do you get any sort of daily report at all?

crying and upset when he has been previously happy would ring some alarm bells

Blu is right - pick him up earlier than usual

Caz33 Tue 20-May-08 11:35:27

Thanks everyone for your messages. I have time to sleep on it and you're right - a dirty face should not be a concern but I do need to monitor things. An early pickup is scheduled tomorrow! Fingers crossed. (I forgot to mention that he does have a best friend already and they don't seem to fall short on cuddles...)

mother2two Tue 20-May-08 20:25:43

You need to take what you've written here on mumsnet to the management. Whether you stay or leave should depend on how they deal with your concerns. If they poo-poo them or belittle your concerns, I would recommend you start looking elsewhere for an alternative setting for your child.

VivienneN Tue 12-Aug-08 17:33:42

Am thinking of sending my child to a sister Montessori nursery in Brixton. Would love to know mother2two how things turned out at your Streatham nursery.

VivienneN Tue 12-Aug-08 17:34:37

Sorry - I meant Caz33 - not mother2two!

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