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Robert Owen Nursery in Greenwich

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cheekychops03 Wed 22-Dec-04 20:29:59

Hello there
I was wondering if any of you know the Robert Owen nursery in Greenwich (London). Basically, my son is 21 months and I am trying to pluck up the courage to go to a parent and toddler group with him as I think he would love it. I have had this nursery recommended by some Mums I know who say they do a parent and toddler group on a Thursday morning.
My 'problem' (don't know what else to call it) is that I have suffered from really bad postnatal depression and although I am a lot better now (but not 100%), I have been left with no self confidence and the thought of walking in to a room full of peole who probably all know eachother really well fills me with dread. However, I don't want to let that stop my son from getting the stimulation he needs and the enjoyment I am sure he will get from playing with other kids. (I do take him to other places before you all gasp with horror and think I keep him indoors all the time ).
If anyone could let me know about their experiences or even if they go now, I would really really appreciate it.
Hope you all have a good Christmas.

tigermoth Thu 23-Dec-04 08:41:33

I knew it well about 7 years ago, when it was at its old site near Traflagar Road. It's now on the Milennium Peninsular, isn't it? I don't know how much it has changed, but if it is the same as it was when I knew it, I heartily recommend it.

My oldest son used to go the the preschool. The staff were wonderful, really experienced and caring, with lots of time for him and for me. They made us feel very special (I'm sure they made other parents feel just as special too). I remember getting upset about something and having an hour's heart to heart with the nursery teacher, and she didn't rush me at all, even though I ended up talking about all sorts of things not related to my son. Their judgements were always sound and they were unfazed by my son's very active behaviour. He was not the easiest child to have in their class, but they never gave up on him. I have experienced other nurseries since then (I have a younger ds) but the Robert Owen staff were definitely the best overall. I don't know if the same staff run it, but if so, your son will be in great hands. (Look out for a nursery helper in her 40s called Tina - she is lovely!. My son's pre school teacher was in her sixties so probably retired by now. I can't remember her name, but she was extremely good with him, too).

I hope you find the parent and toddlers group worthwhile and welcoming. They ran one in my day, but we never went to it.


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