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Caring Day Care Nurseries

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Bradsmum Thu 16-Dec-04 21:16:29

Hi - does anyone have experience with nurseries within this company? I am thinking of changing nursery for my ds to one which has just been taken over by Caring Daycare (which I must say I think is a shame as it was brilliant apparently before). Can anyone shed any light?

dinny Thu 16-Dec-04 21:18:04

Where are they based, Bradsmum?

Bradsmum Thu 16-Dec-04 21:28:36

Hi - this particular one is in Woking but I believe they have several all over Surrey.

Bradsmum Fri 17-Dec-04 10:09:40

Bump - sorry! looking for more info as have this major decision to make re changing nursery. Can anyone help?

Bramshott Tue 21-Dec-04 10:00:33

My daughter is at the Haslemere one, and I've been really pleased with it. If they all run the same way, there's a baby unit for under 2s then a Montessori school for over 2s. One of the real benefits for me (and again, I'm assuming they're all the same) is that they're open till 6.30, which many nurseries aren't. My only slightly negative comment would be that, being a chain, staff tend to occasionally move between nurseries so there's perhaps a higher turn-over than there might be. Hasn't so far happened to any of my daughter's keyworkers though.

Bradsmum Tue 21-Dec-04 10:14:29

Hi Bramshott - thanks for the response. I've heard that since they took over there have been a few staff leaving but nothing they weren't expecting. The staff churn is part of the reason I wanted to move him from his current nursery. But the new nursery has so much better facilities in terms of being outside, woodland walks, animals, etc plus the Montessori school (even though horrendously expensive..). You've given me some faith - thank you!

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