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Edinburgh nurseries, 1 day a week?

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Jethers Mon 03-Mar-08 11:22:40

My nine month old son needs a nursery place for just one day a week but two nurseries have told us that they won't do this. Is it such an unusual request and has anyone else had any problems?

Also, I know what to ask/look for when I get there but don't know how to start narrowing down the search for a nursery - any recommendations for ones in the north west or center of edinburgh?

nailpolish Mon 03-Mar-08 11:27:28

my dd2 goes to a fabulous nursery which i just cannot recommend highly enough. i am sure they do one day a week - and im sure they have places just now

its in the centre

CAT me if you want more info smile

nailpolish Mon 03-Mar-08 11:28:20

oh shit - they dont take children til age 3 sad sorry just noticed your son is only 9 months

hope someone else can help you out!

SheherazadetheGoat Mon 03-Mar-08 11:28:53

i think alot of nurseries don't do one day. they say it becuase they don't settle. i say it is because it is not worth it financially for them. dd's nursery do it but it is in north east edinburgh and has a waiting list.

Booper13 Thu 13-Mar-08 15:11:40

My 12 month old has recently started nursery, just 2 mornings a week in Edinburgh. Similarly to yourself, there were a lot of nurseries who wouldn't accommodate this. In the end we found 3 who did and made a very easy choice between them. I think you definitely know when one feels right to you -and its nice when your instincts are confirmed to be right by the Care Commission report. The nursery is Waterfront Nursery at Telford College and they will take babies for 1 day. If the geography is right for you its worth a look. Also, have you looked at The Edinburgh Nursery and School Guide. It has a good list of nurseries and what sessions they do - although I found that in some instances it wasn't completely accurate.

elkiedee Sat 15-Mar-08 01:12:26

Is it a particular day you need? I would have thought that some nurseries might have parents who work 4 days and take one day, I know someone who got 2 days at nursery on Monday and Friday because those were the most popular off days for other parents.

mummy30 Wed 27-Aug-08 12:20:56

Does anyone know any good nurseries in the city centre near Waverley train station? I am thinking about The Royal Mile Nursery, does anyone have any experience of this one?

kerryk Wed 27-Aug-08 16:05:48

my dd's old nursery took children from 9 months and they were fantastic, you could have as many mornings as you wanted but it is only open from 9-15 till 11-45.

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