Little Unicorn Nursery in canary Wharf

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Sonjia Wed 27-Feb-08 12:02:53

Just wanted to know anyone who uses Little Unicorn and what you think of them.

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cityangel Thu 28-Feb-08 10:41:11

Hi I don't have any personal experience but there are some comments on Little Unicorn in a thread I started:

Lizipads Thu 13-Mar-08 20:21:02

Hi there

Am new to the site, so apologies for late reply.
I used LU for my twins for just over 4 years and was very happy with them. They started in the one at Westferry and went to Canada Square from when it opened up until last July (just before they started school).

I thought they had the best possible care, but then the group was a bit smaller and the woman who's the General Manager was the keyworker for one of mine when they started, so they had absolute continuity too.

I was so content with it that last school holiday I brought them into Little Herons for a day, so everyone could see them again. And they had an absolute blast.

Hope helpful.

Sonjia Tue 18-Mar-08 09:15:02

Thanks Lizipads for your comments. I will be sending my DD to the one at Westferry in a couple of months time however I am considering the one at Canada Square. Can I ask why you moved your little one's to the Canada Square one?

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Lizipads Wed 26-Mar-08 20:52:15

Hello again

I moved mine to Canada Square simply because it was built!! It was loads bigger and slightly nearer my office. I had wanted them to go to Columbus Courtyard originally, but couldn't get 2 spaces at the time, so I had to wait until the second "big" nursery was built, which was a couple of years after tey started.

It was definitely the right decision at the time - I think they benefitted from the bigger room once they were older. But Westferry was perfect when they were babies: the staff were excellent and some of them are still there now.

We were at Little Herons again today: again we had a great time.

BirdyArms Wed 26-Mar-08 21:14:39

My ds1 went to the Columbus Courtyard Little Unicorns for 2 years, aged 7mths - 2.5. I was very happy with it. They are extremely well organised and professional - he now goes to somewhere nearer home which is much more chaotic. I really felt like I knew what ds was up to - they give you a very detailed sheet every day. I loved the manager and deputy manager although they both went on materity leave around when ds1 left, August last year.

One downside for me was that they don't have any outside space though they do have a big playroom with bikes etc. Also not sure how great they are on the more educational side with older children. Ds1 was doing a lot of worksheets, which I thought was rather dull for a two year old, and didn't seem to do much messy play - eg the place he is at now has sand, water and painting every day. Little unicorns instead get out different toys, take them to the soft play room, take them to the big play room - kind of keeping them occupied by shunting them around.

This last paragraph sounds more negative than I mean it to - I did like the staff and felt that they cared for ds1 very well.

Lizipads Wed 26-Mar-08 21:36:45

For older children, Canada Sq definitely has sand and water tray in the room and they do craft type stuff every day, along with numeracy, literacy, a foreign language etc etc. But I remember well the worksheets for the 2 yr olds and still have some of their early efforts at writing their names!

Also at Canada Sq they did seem to go out for walks quite often (mind you they did at Westferry, too).

From time to time I got fed up with things (some days I'd stress about my perception of lack of space at Westferry, or some change to routine or something). But I never had any worries about the care they were receiving.

For me the main down-side (as for many children who go to nursery) is that they shout rather than speak, which in the grand scheme of things ain't bad, I suppose!


Sonjia Thu 27-Mar-08 17:45:10

Thanks Ladies for your input! It really puts my mind at ease to hear positive comments. My DD will be 12 months when she starts so she will be in the baby room for a few months. I didnt know Columbus Courtyard take babies, always thought it was for ages 3 up. I do like a bigger site so will give them a call to see what the wait list is like.

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Prufrock Thu 27-Mar-08 17:53:22

My dd went to Columbus courtyard from 3 months to 2 years (she's nearly 6 now, so it was a while ago). I loved it, and so did she - the girls in the baby room in particular were wonderful. They also paid well above the average rate as well, and had a really good staff retention rate because of this - dd's original keyworker (who went on to manage Westferry) commuted in from Kent every day because the wages/conditions were so much better than local places.

firsttimer08 Mon 02-Jun-08 10:39:29

does little unicorns have a website? I cannot seem to find it.

Lizipads Thu 05-Jun-08 20:33:51

No, no website I'm afraid.

ArkansasMummy Wed 14-Sep-11 12:25:16

Hi we are moving to canary wharf from memphis next month and wanted to know which is a good school to put our 5yr old in thats close and offers afterschool care? Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated


Ouchywawa Fri 16-Sep-11 13:23:29

Have a look at the Riverhouse Montessori...I can't think of any others with after school care off the top of my head!

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