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Brightsparks Nursery, Croydon

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Pinky66 Wed 30-Jan-08 11:26:33

Hi there, I was wondering if anybody had any experience of Brightsparks Nursery in Purley Way, Croydon? I am thinking of sending my toddler there, but it would be good to hear of other people's experiences.....

030668 Thu 31-Jan-08 01:17:47

I went to view the Nursery and was not very impressed. I did however view Cherubins Day Nursery at 25 Warham Rd,CR2 6LJ. This wonderful nelwly refurbished nursery opens from 7.30-7pm and provides all nappies, formula plus 5 meals a day. The nursery also has cameras in all the classrooms and I am able to view my child via the internet. The staff are mature and 0208 688 0044 or visit their website on www.cherubins day

At Fiveways turn left onto Denning Rd, continue for 1 mile this will lead onto Warham Rd. Good luck

madamez Thu 31-Jan-08 01:23:10

I don't know Brightsparks but my DS is at Blossoms in Waddon New Road and is very happy and doing very well there.

Pinky66 Fri 01-Feb-08 11:18:09

Thank you for the information ladies. I tried to look at Cherubins on the web but I can't seem to locate it.....?

I will follow both of these nurseries up, but I was just wondering why 030668 was not impressed by Brightsparks? It happened to be one of the better nurseries I visitedhmm; but maybe I am just looking at some sub standard places!

Any thoughts?

SixWeeks Thu 05-Mar-09 17:39:27

Brightsparks Croydon is a fabulous nursery as is the one in Coulsdon, Caterham and Morden.

Joe85 Sun 01-Jun-14 08:05:42

My son attended Brightsparks and we were very happy with all aspects. Interestingly, Cherubins Day Nursery at 25 Warham Rd, was closed down by Ofsted last year, so not that good!!

Jessica004 Wed 06-Jul-16 12:52:35

My child also attended one of the Brightsparks Nurseries, and we have been very happy with the service and care provided. We went to the Selsdon nursery, but they have other nurseries in and around Croydon.

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