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nursery in st albans

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Sassa Tue 29-Jan-08 10:53:27

anyone know anything about busy bees king harry lane - any recommendations for my 1 yr old please

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alibubbles Tue 29-Jan-08 11:57:58


Sassa Tue 29-Jan-08 12:14:05

why sad ali

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alibubbles Tue 29-Jan-08 12:55:55

Do you have any others you are considering?

Between my colleagues and I, we have at least 6 babies who started there, but didn't stay very long.

Sassa Tue 29-Jan-08 15:58:11

Please feel free to expand on that after all this is mumsnet helping out other mums

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Sassa Tue 29-Jan-08 15:59:13

or..send me your e-mail address so you can be as frank as you wish

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alibubbles Tue 29-Jan-08 17:17:49

I don't really want to shame any nurseries on a possibly public forum, google childminder st albans quality and email me through my website.

Tiffany4 Wed 26-Jul-17 06:13:37

Hi, any recommendations on busy bees nurseries in AL4 please? Looking at busy bees and montesserai Pre school, hospital and Bernard st.


Tiffany x

cookielove Sat 26-Aug-17 12:23:43

My friend worked for busy bees in king Harry lane she said it was a great place to work and a lovely nursery.

I work in a nursery and have not heard anything bad about those nurseries

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