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Teddies Nursery Balham

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nurserydilemmas Fri 04-Jan-08 19:30:21

I'm considering putting my baby down for this nursery but would love any feedback from anyone who has used it or has heard about it. I liked it when I visited but the OFSTED report (Dec 06) only gives it satisfactory, tho I know the manager has changed since then.

Here's hoping!


1dilemma Fri 11-Jan-08 03:13:50

Saw it (just realised it was ages ago 2003!!) liked it didn't use it (went somewhere cheaper and more convenient)

1dilemma Fri 11-Jan-08 03:14:44

FWIW the one I went with 'only' has a satisfactory report and it's fine.
A lot of what Ofsted cares about isn't really important to me.

nurserydilemmas Fri 11-Jan-08 15:43:10

Thank you!

jaz2 Sat 19-Jan-08 20:45:09

DS (1 yo) has been there for 6 months, and really enjoys his time there. I am very happy with the staff in the babycare rooms - they show great affection for all the babies and get SO excited when the babies achieve something new - they just can't stop telling you about it!

The new manager is good - some of the less good staff seem to have left since she joined, and the new ones seem very calm, affectionate and enthusiastic.

I was a little concerned about the OFSTED report when I read it, but it seemed to be the academic side that it was a little critical of, and TBH I decided that as he was 6mo I should not get humg up on it. The most important thing to me was that DS was looked after with affection, and was happy. We can always fill in some of the academic things at home when the time comes!

nurserydilemmas Wed 23-Jan-08 15:03:17

Thanks jaz2 - in fact the reason I looked around the nursery was that I had heard lovely things about the babycare staff so it's good to hear that's your experience too.

030668 Thu 31-Jan-08 01:29:00

Hi Staff turnover, check Cherubins day Nursery SW2 wonderful Nursery last ofsted Report Nov 07 Good

Toria2106 Mon 20-Jul-09 09:34:29

Can't find any feedback on cherubins anywhere...
Does anyone have any?

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