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You know they go to nursery when....

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CathB Thu 18-Nov-04 14:04:54

Last night DD1 (4y) came marching into the kitchen to ask me to change Bear's nappy as "I am on my own with the babies" ??! She also likes to explain that the various teddies can't have particular foods as it makes them poorly. A few months ago, she would announce "I am on my break". I always wince a bit when either DD comes out with something that I know but they learned at nursery rather then from me but then they surprise you with a song you never heard before which is nice, so all in all the nursery role play makes me smile.
I am trying not to think about what she may be doing there that she has picked up from me....
Anyway I wondered if anyone else got this?

zephyrcat Thu 18-Nov-04 14:07:38

yes i get this all the time. The stuff she comes out with amazes me!! I'm also worried about the other way round as i've quite often heard her say 'for god's sake' which i'd rather she didnt say at school!!

northstar Thu 18-Nov-04 14:12:25

Mummy "did you eat your yoggie sweetie"
DS "its a YOGHURT mum, not a yoggie"

Tissy Thu 18-Nov-04 14:12:58

yes, I get this too- particularly vernacular scottish phrases- being very english it makes me wince a little when dd comes out with "aye" and "in a wee minute". The best one was "can I clap the cat?", to which my response was "OMG don't do that she might bite you".Apparently "clap" means to stroke!!

zephyrcat Thu 18-Nov-04 14:15:25

lol yes it does. My auntie used to say 'Dinna you rouse my dog' I always used to wonder why she thought anyone would arouse her dog!! Apparently she was telling us not to wind him up and make him bark lol dd comes out with quite a few old scottish phrases

edam Thu 18-Nov-04 14:53:59

Makes me cringe when ds (1) comes home from nursery with things the assistants have taught him that <<cough>> aren't quite as we would have put them. Eg teaching him to say 'ta' or even 'ta ta' instead of 'bye bye'. I'm very happy with the way they look after him though so I wouldn't dare mention it!

Nikkichik Thu 18-Nov-04 15:04:18

DD used to say 'ta' and I didn't teach it to her - although at least she was saying it. I have now managed to brainwash her into saying 'tank yoo' instead! She also got in a right strop the other day when I was trying to suggest she put her toys away - No, no, no, I had it first!!!!!' which can only have come from nursery.

fio2 Thu 18-Nov-04 15:05:36

they think squeeling and screeching is entertaining to all

Bozza Thu 18-Nov-04 15:08:45

DS (3) had a phase of putting his hand up at the table when he wanted some more food/drink.

Pidge Thu 18-Nov-04 15:45:45

My dd (2.4) definitely got "Don't you dare" from her nursery, fortunately she's stopped saying it recently! And she's picked up "Ner, ner, ner, ner, ner you can't catch me" from one of the two year olds with bigger siblings!

But the best thing is when there's suddenly a new and utterly random song like "The hedgehog is very happy" or "Hey Mr Dinosaur you can't catch me"

Northerner Thu 18-Nov-04 15:52:46

My ds says 'Good girl mummy' whilst I'm on the loo (yes he follows me everywhere!) and every now and then he comes out with 'come on it's tidy up time' Both I know he gets from nursery.

But my favourite is if he hurts himself or falls over and he howls 'I want a compress' as nursery give cold compresses for bangs and falls!

bunnyrabbit Thu 18-Nov-04 16:01:43

You know they go to nursery when you find :

Bolognese on the back of their head
Tomato seeds behind their ears
Green paint in their toe nails
Sand in their socks
Their nappy has their name written on it

and yes he says tah, but I suppose I'd rather that than nothing.

Oh and I love that they taught him to make a diamond shape with thumb and forethinger when he hears twinkle twinkle....

DS is 14 mnths


Nikkichik Thu 18-Nov-04 16:05:48

I'd forgotten about the nursery rhymes that I'm not very good at doing with her. She knows all the words and actions to Incy, Wincy Spider .... - I can her her practising them in bed at night before she goes to sleep - so sweet. The other day she kept saying 'this little pingi on the right' and it took me ages to work out that she was going on about '1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive know how it goes!) ... - she knew all the words!!! - she didn't learn them from me!!!
also apparently she plays beautifully with dolls all the time at nursery - has a doll at home but mistreats it terribly!! - used to throw it over the stair gate and down the stairs!!!! - yikes!

Mo2 Thu 18-Nov-04 16:06:27

You have a bunch of kids round for tea, and put the food on the table... the nursery kids are sitting down before you've finished laying the table...

They're also the ones at parties who assume all adults are there to help them: "Can I have another drink", "Can you take me to the toilet" "X hit me" even if they don't know you!

(Both mine are/were at nursery full time and I am extremely happy with it)

motherinferior Thu 18-Nov-04 16:15:05

My dd1 looked at a book and said 'that's Em Oh Oh' the other day. The pride! The bursting maternal pride in her reading abilities!

All her pre-school, I'm afraid

Chandra Thu 18-Nov-04 16:20:49

DS also calls me GOOOOd girl! when I do something he likes. I found rather strange when I ask my DS to finish his lunch the other day to have "NEVER" as a reply, not expected from a 21m old in my Spanish speaking house hold... but I love being a "good girl"

Bozza Thu 18-Nov-04 16:21:11

Oh the piles of sand. We have little piles of sand distributed around our carpet each evening.

pamina3 Thu 18-Nov-04 16:24:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

whizzz Thu 18-Nov-04 19:07:14

You find assorted stickers in the washing machine that you haven't noticed on their clothes and blue Play Doh (always blue, I wonder why?) stuck to their shoes.
Agree with you Edam about picking up phrases that you wouldn't use "Mummy today I sat lovely".
Eeww - bad grammar!
The other day he asked us did we know what swearing was "because X swears at nursery" - some things you wish they didn't learn !

Hulababy Thu 18-Nov-04 19:27:09

When you don't know the names of all their friends, even though they are only 2. And you get random invitations and you have no idea who the child is. This is being made a bit easier for us now as DD has a nursery photo taken recently, so she points everyone out to me.

handbagaddiction Thu 18-Nov-04 19:47:46

You get through a ridiculous amount of washing because the nursery insists on sending them home in clean clothes - so uses up the 'spare' every day!! That's 2 outfits a day...and most of them look like they have only ever got a bits of stray paint or food on them!!

WigWamBam Thu 18-Nov-04 21:04:38

They suddenly start talking with a pronounced accent which neither you nor dh have

The bottom of your bag is always full of glitter/sequins/bits of pipecleaner from the latest art project

Your dd, who has always been a trouser freak, suddenly wants skirts every day like her friends, and they simply have to be pink

Dior Thu 18-Nov-04 21:09:55

Message withdrawn

whizzz Thu 18-Nov-04 21:13:49

When, like today, DS was sat in the bath singing
"Hey, hey Baby - OOO Argh, I want to know-ow-ow-ow if you'll be my girl"
A song, I must add that we have don't have in our music collection !!

Hulababy Thu 18-Nov-04 21:15:35

DD has a much broader accent than either me or DH. Must come from nursery.

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