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Milkshake Montessori - anyone had any experience?

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EZeeDee Wed 12-Dec-07 15:32:06

Hi, has anyone had any experience of Milkshake Montessori nursery in Whitton, Twickenham? They are opening a new toddlers' room, which I'm going to see, but I'd like to know if any mums out there have any info or opinions on the main nursery. Otherwise, would you recommend any of the other nurseries in the area over Milkshake?


jkhj Sat 22-Aug-09 15:05:20


I am thinking of starting my 18month daughter there and would also like some feedback


Caro1302 Thu 27-Aug-09 21:45:51

I'm looking at this place too! I'm going to arrange a visit to it while I'm on mat leave.

harriet123 Tue 29-Sep-09 18:20:04

I visited Milkshake a while back with a view to enrolling my son ( 2 years 8 months) and my daughter ( just turned 1) after it was recommended to me my 2 friends in the local area ( whitton/twickenham) as 3 of their children had attended there and sang many praises about the school , esp as they are all doing extremely well at school now and are little stars!
it has a toddler room upstairs(under 2) and 2 large classrooms ( 2+) downstairs
I was shown around by estelle the manager who is a very qualified /knowledgable lady and has also run her own chain of nurseries.
My first impression was that was the school was very quiet and i wondered if it was because there were not many pupils there, but quickly found out it had 2 full classrooms ( downstairs), this surprised me as usually they are much noisier ( at least they were in the other local nurseries that i viewed), but the childern here were noticibly calm.The staff seemed very friendly and approachable and apparently they already have a EYP on site with 3 more to be fully qualified by next year so obviosuly standards are high( i was told that each setting usually has one). the records etc seemed to be quite comprehensive and they do different things like french /yoga /massage etc which also surprised me.
The baby room was very pretty and stimulating and i could def see my daughter staring into the blue skies (thats what they have painted panoramically in there even on the ceiling!)The babies seemed very happy and contented .
All in all , i was very impressed with this nursery , and i signed both of my children up for sep ( it gets quite busy )and it was the best i saw in the area. unfortunately my husbands job fell through so we never made the move to whitton, but i would highly recommend this place based on what i saw and from my friends recommendations aswell. def worth viewing.

guthmag Fri 28-Nov-14 16:59:03

Could you let me know what is the monthly fee? Any other good nursery in The Area? Thanks

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