Does it get better?

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MooseBreath Wed 16-Jun-21 09:03:52

I feel your pain. 1yo DS is currently off nursery for a fever (likely due to his 1 year jabs) and having his 3rd PCR test in 2 weeks. It's ridiculous, and as far as I'm concerned regarding the PCR tests on toddlers, bordering on abuse. But I need to work to afford nursery fees, so the tests need to be done since we can't isolate for 10 days every time. hmm

jannier Tue 15-Jun-21 13:38:14

It normally takes a few months but covid has meant babies have seen nobody so not been exposed even to relatives bugs unfortunately that means reduced immunity even more.

Rosebel Sun 13-Jun-21 17:58:49

Can't stretch to a nanny sadly as that would be the best option.
Just had an email from the nursery saying my child has been in contact with a child who has Covid so another week off and he's not even sick.
I could cry!

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Psychgrad Thu 10-Jun-21 07:46:21

Could you use a nanny instead? Sometimes it can work out the same price as a nursery and they can even do extra things like kids laundry, tidying and drop offs/ picks up for your older kids. Nannies usually work when the child is sick but in my experience the children rarely get sick with a nanny.

PrincessConsuela12 Sun 06-Jun-21 20:16:47

DD is 1 and started going to nursery around 7 weeks ago. She has been ill on & off for most of this time. I'm told it's normal and particularly bad this year as most babies haven't been exposed to anyone. I'm hoping it gets better soon but for now you have my sympathies thanks

newtolineofduty Sun 06-Jun-21 20:03:54

When my daughter initially started nursery I was ALWAYS getting calls to pick her up-temperatures etc! Colds on and off constantly even in summer! I'd say it settled down when she was 18 months or so xx

BunnyRuddington Sun 06-Jun-21 19:17:07

How old is he now @Rosebel? It can't be that much longer till he starts getting better? smile


Rosebel Fri 04-Jun-21 09:23:42

I'm not really sure where to post this so might be the wrong place.
I have 3 children. My eldest started nursery at 5 months, got the odd illness and usual colds but nothing much. At that age she always bounced back quickly though. Middle child started nursery at 14 months and was also fine.
Youngest started in January at 7 months and does 2 days a week. I think he's probably done 3 weeks where he goes for the full 2 days. He's constantly ill. Not made any easier by the fact that each time he has a cough or temperature he has to have time off.
I don't blame the nursery at all for this and have no issues with paying the fees even though he's not there much.
Work are starting to get funny with me, even though I share sick days with my husband and try to make up the hours when I can (can't WFH unfortunately).
My question is if you have a child in nursery how much time off have they had? And if you had a baby who was sick a lot, did they start outgrowing it when they got a bit bigger?
I know all children are different, because my own were but just trying to get some ideas.

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