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MahiG Tue 09-Feb-21 19:33:42

Hello mums,

My question is to those working parents sending their kid to Kew College nursery. How are you able to manage the wrap around care? Please share your experiences and also if we donot take a nursery place how likely is it to get a reception place later?


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lamplightnow Tue 16-Feb-21 21:17:08

Nursery is either morning or afternoon. You or someone!, has to be able to drop off and pick up.
You will certainly struggle and take a big risk in getting a reception place if you do not go into the nursery.
However, with London prep schools (and certainly happened at Kew College) as a general rule occasional places come up quite often in all years as parents move their kids either out of the area or change schools!

MahiG Wed 17-Feb-21 07:57:05

@lamplightnow Thankyou for the information. Would you know how is Broomsfield House school? They have wraparound care and hot lunches. But just wondering how academically it compares with Kew college?

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lamplightnow Wed 17-Feb-21 09:04:09

@MahiG I don't have any personal experience of Broomfield but I would say they both have an excellent reputation and to be on a par academically. ie If you look at Bromfield's and Kew's leaver destinations.
Kew has lower fees (and usually the most competitive in the area) if that is a consideration. Also looking at Broomfield fees page, it seems games and swimming are extra, but included at Kew.
Note the current Kew College Head is retiring this year. I understand the replacement is an external candidate.

Londonmamatoboys Mon 05-Apr-21 21:02:50

@MahiG which school did you decide on? We are still facing the same dilemma with only a week to go. I wish KC offered wraparound care and lunches as I preferred it for everything else but do value those things.

MahiG Mon 05-Apr-21 21:19:27

We have registered for Broomfield house. It provides wraparound care and is highly nurturing and academic. I am very happy with the choice and they have excellent leavers destination. Kew college didnt work for us as no wraparound care and hot lunches which was a deal breaker for us.

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Londonmamatoboys Mon 05-Apr-21 23:12:45

Thanks @MahiG, we’re heading in that direction too I think and for the same reasons. Finalising this week, but will likely see you there in September.

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