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kay06072021 Tue 26-Jan-21 15:40:38

my little boy will be attending the nursery I work in, and will be having 1 or 2 bottles a day while he is there. Children don’t usually bring their own bottles in, so the nursery have their own collection, we wash and sterilise them for the children who need it each day.

which means children are sharing bottles and teats, and I personally don’t like the idea of that, especially in the pandemic.

I plan on sending Alfie to nursery with bottles from home because I don’t want him to share. Sometimes there are multiple bottles in the steriliser so to make sure the staff know which bottle parts are his, i’ve brought different coloured bottles to the ones they have, but how can I label the teats? every pen i use, even permanent marker comes off in the sterilisersad

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THATbasicSNOWFLAKE Tue 26-Jan-21 15:44:03

Can you not just take enough bottles for the day and wash them at home

WisestIsShe Tue 26-Jan-21 15:45:04

You can get name labels printed for just this reason. I think ours came from labels 4 kids.

Whatsnewpussyhat Tue 26-Jan-21 15:47:32

Sterilise at home and put bottles together with lids on before you leave. They will remain sterile until they make his feed. Tell them to just put them back in his bag once finished.

Keep a sharpie handy if you need to write his name on and simply re write when it comes off.

Ginandshinythings Tue 26-Jan-21 15:47:56

At our nursery we use to have the child's name laminated, hole punched with an elastic band through it. Put it over the bottle and remove when feeding baby.

supersonicginandtonic Tue 26-Jan-21 15:48:53

The bottles are sterilised! Sterilised being the key word. He won't get COVID from a sterilised bottle. Much more likely from another child or member of staff being asymptpmatic in the settings

THATbasicSNOWFLAKE Tue 26-Jan-21 15:58:33

Regardless of covid i would still rather use my own bottles


justchecking1 Tue 26-Jan-21 19:37:35

If even permanent marker comes off in the steriliser, I wouldn't fancy the chances of a virus surviving!

moomoo22 Wed 27-Jan-21 11:41:34

I send a bottle every day but a lot of times get a different one back so I am sure they mix them up all the time.

Thefaceofboe Thu 28-Jan-21 14:23:48

We had a parent choose to use their own bottles at nursery so she packed 2/3 for the day, we rinsed them and she sterilised them at home. That way there was no mix up.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 28-Jan-21 15:02:04

Children I’ve Looked after who went to nursery and had bottles would take own named ones and bring them home unrinsed

unvillage Mon 01-Feb-21 00:31:29

It's funny that you're OK with every other child in the nursery sharing bottles, but not your child.

Do you think other parents feel that way? You can't be precious about this and your child cannot get special treatment just because you work in the same setting. Find a different setting for him if you're not comfortable with your own workplace's practices.

THATbasicSNOWFLAKE Mon 01-Feb-21 08:44:10

Its nothing to do with the op whether other parents are ok with bottle sharing or not. If they were not i am sure they would voice it

kay06072021 Mon 01-Feb-21 12:35:11

okay karen.
i don’t make the rules, and all the other parents have the choice to bring their own bottles for their own child if they chose, i never said I was okay with it, i actually said that i don’t like the idea of it.

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