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3yo not settling at nursery post lockdown

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Moo31 Tue 06-Oct-20 23:46:03

Almost 3yo DS started back to nursery / daycare at the start of September. His pre-lockdown nursery closed permanently so we moved him to another branch of the same chain. He attends 2 days per week (Monday and Friday) - the same as the old one. The new one is much larger (twice the size). We call it "big boy NAME OF CHAIN" as he has moved to a big boy bed and now wearing big boy pants so we thought that would be good.

He seemed excited about the idea of it but he is just not setting at all. He is so sad when we talk about it and he is crying the night before saying he doesn't want to go, he doesn't like it and it's not fun. We ask why it's not fun but he doesn't say anything specific. We have told the staff this and they say he has a good time and joins in and he chats away with them and the other children so they are a bit dismissive when we say this.

Drop offs have improved very slightly each time - clinging to me screaming the first day and had to be peeled off me but last week he cried but he did walk through the door himself. Drop offs were never amazing at the old nursery (he never skipped in and sometimes was clingy) but he did love it there.

I asked him why he cried when I dropped him off and he said it was because he wanted mummy to stay. I know being at home with us for 6 months has spoiled him and he really has become very attached to us but don't know what to do about it!

In the new nursery they moved him up to the preschool room straight away as he was almost 2yrs 10mths - there are 24 children in this room v the 12 that would have been in his room at the old nursery. He'll also be the youngest in the room. I don't know if this is overwhelming for him?

He was potty trained over lockdown and maybe only has one accident a week with us but he is having accidents every day he is at nursery sometimes more than once.

This post is longer than I had planned and probably quite disjointed - sorry! We just don't know what to do. There are other nurseries we could move him to but I don't think it would be any different. Has / is anyone experiencing the same thing? All advice welcome!

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Moo31 Tue 06-Oct-20 23:50:31

I should also have said the nursery has closed this week and next as a member of staff tested positive on Saturday so it's given us time to think about what we might do / how long we should give it. The other 3 days of the week are covered by grandparents (2 days) and me (1 day). He is fine going to grandparents - no issues at all, he is more than happy to go there.

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FarmersWife3 Thu 08-Oct-20 00:01:43

My DS is in a very similar position to yours. He moved to a nursery from CM after lockdown. I know the nursery is v good (eldest DS went there) and staff are lovely but drop off are similar to you and he is always sad and says he doesn't want to go. He is very confident and sociable so very unlike him. I've found a local preschool and tried this and he really loves it again. Its early days but he wants to go in and tells me to leave if I try to stay! I think it really is finding a setting that suits each child. My eldest loved the nursery, but it doesn't suit the youngest and the upset on nursery mornings was beginning to affect me. Hope you find somewhere your little one is happy.

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