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What could be wrong at Nursery ?

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faithfulbird Sun 27-Sep-20 02:01:28

My daughter who is 3 started nursery. She had 2 one hour sessions and was described as quiet but came home happy. Then on Monday she did 2.5 hours she had a few tears and got over it. Teacher didn't realise she bumped her head with another child hence the crying but still came home happy. Went on Tuesday and came home happy. She got ready to go on Wednesday but I was a bit worried because her cold was getting worse since the last Thursday. I was told she was upset for a long time the day before (but nobody mentioned to me until I told them if I could pick her up early if she wasn't feeling well).

I'm really proud of her that she went to nursery when she wasn't 100% without a fuss but I shouldn't have sent her in. She's happy to go each day and comes back happy too. Her teacher said she's really engaging during circle time etc but 'struggles' when the kids are asked to pick toys and play alone for 1.5 hours. She plays independently at home and even with other kids. So it's strange to me. The only thing I can think that could affect her is lockdown and my pregnancy. But even then shes been okay. Really excited to go nursery no crying etc.

My DD told me she was told to pick a toy and play with it and the teacher ignored her and went outside. She said she wanted her mummy when she was crying (because she wanted to be comforted) and mummy didn't come. I told her mummy can come at home time to pick her up. I honestly feel sad for her because she gets up everyday happily ready to go. I haven't sent her since so that she heals from her cold. They've asked me to send her in for one hour till she gets used to it. Any advice? I can't put my finger on it. If she hates nursery so much she wouldn't want to go in the mornings or cry when I collected her but none of that. In the initial one hour sessions which introduced kids to nursery she did say mummy it was soo boring. I wonder if she feels bored.

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Fandabydosey Sun 27-Sep-20 09:54:26

If you have no safeguarding concerns then stick with it. Some children take longer to settle down. This is all so new to her and she sounds like she is doing really well. A cold could explain the tears and emotional reaction, if she was feeling a little under the weather. As for the playing with other children again just like you or I children take time to get to know each other and build friendships. Yes she may have been fine with other children when you are around but she is navigating this herself and seems like she is doing really well building up her social skills. So long as you remain upbeat and positive she will feed off of your positive attitude. As for sending her with a cold, you seemed a little hard on yourself about it. Don't be, I once told my daughter when she felt sick that she was milking it and to get on with it (she was going through a stage of my tummy hurts) she then threw up in my car 😣🤮. That was a lesson learned the hard way for both of us 😂 she is 21 now and reminds me of it often. Keep plodding on there will be bumps in the road but it will teach her really important skills for life

faithfulbird Sun 27-Sep-20 09:58:57

Should I send her in for an hour like they told me to try? Or go with the full 2.5 hours? Thanks for the advice. It made me feel better x

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Fandabydosey Sun 27-Sep-20 14:01:04

Go for an hour then build it up x

Tumbleweed101 Sun 27-Sep-20 22:17:37

It's quite common for children to love nursery when they first start then have a wobble a week or so later, then finally finish settling down. Keep things as consistent as possible through this phase.

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