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New nursery - 80% fees in lockdown??

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lumierka Fri 04-Sep-20 09:10:37


We are looking for a nursery for our child to start in from January. I was wondering what did you have in your T&Cs, if you have a newish contract?
We think the below clause in T&C is rather unreasonable, but is this the new norm in all nurseries?? We are very new to the nurseries topic, as just started looking, so would appreciate some advice.

"In the event of a lockdown (localised or national), the nursery will require parents to pay
70% of nursery fee payments for the first month of closure. During the second month of
closure onwards, parents will be required to pay 65% onwards. This is to ensure retention
of staff and nursery facilities.
In the event of room closure, parents will be required to
pay 70% of fees during room closure period."

many thanks!

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FlissMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 05-Sep-20 22:04:24

Hi lumierka,

We don't have any expert knowledge in this area but wanted to say hi and give this a bump for you. We're most impressed that you've read the T&Cs as so few people do!

Goodluck making your decision - we hope some of our users will be along to offer you their advice soon.

crumbleonsunday Tue 08-Sep-20 10:50:46

I believe they are not allowed to charge when they are closed. It was very much a hot topic recently and I think it got banned.

jannier Tue 08-Sep-20 21:29:20

The cma wrote an open letter to settinhs saying that they could not charge an unreasonable fee in these circumstances and suggested around 25% ....look for a different setting. Most childminders didn't charge and left it up to parents if they wanted to help.

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