3 year old starting nursery soon (hopefully)

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Jedimastermama Tue 25-Aug-20 01:48:28

My 3 year old is on waiting lists for 3 local nurseries and we are viewing a place next week which have spaces.
I have requested 2 AM sessions, but they say it’s full days (2/3/4/5) or one place is 2 and a half days, the one we are viewing soon says they take for 4 mornings sessions or 2 full days.
Can I negotiate my little one starting for 2 mornings for the first term then increasing days in Jan?
I’m worried LO one manage 2 full days or 4 AM sessions straight off.

I thought you could be flexible with nursery.
Because the places LO is on waiting lists says a place could become available depending on what hours you are requesting.

Any thoughts?

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whatswithtodaytoday Tue 25-Aug-20 02:35:19

I think a 3 year old would be absolutely fine with full days. Presumably they do settling in sessions? Just do a few of them and then see how things go.

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