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2yr old not settling at nursery

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Mwnci123 Fri 21-Aug-20 19:04:14

My just turned two year old was well settled in nursery before lockdown- no crying, happy to go in, responded really well to the staff. We took her out around mid March and she went back when our nursery re-opened at the very end of June. She is still very very upset when we drop her off and I think intermittently during the day is quite emotional. Just wandering how other toddlers are finding this transition? Has anything particular helped?

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FarmersWife3 Tue 25-Aug-20 11:31:07

I don't have any words of advice I'm afraid, but was interested in your post as I've found my 2 yr old is behaving in a similar way. He used to go to a childminder pre-lockdown 2 days a week, and always went in happily with barely a backward glance at me. I've moved him to a nursery now (for various reasons). Whilst he is happy and seems to enjoy it once he is there, he is always reluctant to go in, needing his comforter, and they have to carry him in (giving him cuddles) each time (2 days a week). He doesn't cry, but he is the sort of boy who is happy to be looked after by others usually and is really sociable and confident. To see him so quiet and not going in willingly is really sad. I suspect he may have been the same going back to cm but I wish I knew.

MostlyAmbridgeandcoffee Tue 25-Aug-20 11:33:29

Same with our 23 month old - taking him longer to settle in nursery - they have gone through a real leap in the time away from nursery so hopefully it’s just a longer period of adjustment that’s needed!

Starlightstarbright1 Tue 25-Aug-20 11:43:31

As a cminder, i can say all my children have settled back well.
But they were all with me a long time ,i am though aware everyone who returns may struggle and have plans,ideas how to manage .

I think you need to give a bit more time, crying at drop off is not necessarily been unhappy where they are but not wanting to seperate ,this they are learning again.

Moo31 Thu 27-Aug-20 20:14:11


deste Wed 02-Sep-20 21:35:49

Two year old DGD is exactly the Same. Enjoyed it before lockdown but not so keen now. She said she doesn’t like nursery and is sad. I feel bad for her but I already have her three days and don’t fancy having her for five as she is quite lively.

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