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Milk, routines and nursery

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Firsttimemuma1 Fri 21-Aug-20 09:50:25

Hi all. My very fussy nine month old is due to start nursery next month.
The routine has always been; awake between 07:00/07:30, breakfast and then milk before a nap between 09:00/09:30. This is because we’ve always tried milk first thing but she just won’t take more than a few oz.
I think she’s in the middle of a sleep regression as she’s been waking multiple times after sleeping through since 10 weeks old which doesn’t help things.
This morning I tried to give her her milk first and she only took 4oz and then wouldn’t take any breakfast. What worries me is that when she goes to nursery, she will need milk first before she goes and she just won’t take it! Apparently the nursery don’t put the babies down for a morning nap as well which again gives me a bit of anxiety as my first really does need her sleep!
Has anybody had any experiences of this?

Many thanks

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SMaCM Fri 21-Aug-20 10:57:24

Are you sure they don't put them down for a morning nap? That would be quite unusual as many children still nap in the morning at 9 months old. Have a chat with them again about the morning nap and whether they can give milk before her sleep.

insancerre Fri 21-Aug-20 18:31:38

I run a nursery and wouldn’t dream of telling a parent that their baby couldn’t have a morning nap, especially one so young
Nurseries should be following your baby’s routine

JaJaDingDong Fri 21-Aug-20 18:37:39

Your baby's routine will change many times as she grows. The nursery will be accommodating, but you may find all the extra stimulus means she changes her eating and sleeping patterns naturally.

jannier Mon 24-Aug-20 18:29:38

Settings should put children down as and when they need to sleep....sleep patterns do change slowly but they shouldn't impose them sleep deprivation is cruel and most under one's have 2 naps a day.

Thefaceofboe Thu 27-Aug-20 19:43:14

Of course some may need a morning nap!! What a ridiculous nursery if that’s true

Maryann1975 Thu 27-Aug-20 22:59:33

As others have said, I think it is really odd that they think babies under one don’t need a morning nap. The 15 month old I look after is still very much having 2 naps a day and whilst I wouldn’t expect it to go on much longer, it’s not completely out there that they are napping twice a day. Speak to them again about her routine and find out why they won’t be following her sleep cues and putting her down when she is tired. if babies need to sleep, they need to sleep, why are they preferring a grumpy tired baby instead of a happy, rested one?

SierraHotel Thu 27-Aug-20 23:15:01

I find it hard to believe that they won't let them nap on a morning if they need to, surely they don't want a room full of tired, grumpy babies?
I work in a nursery, in our baby room the staff work with the parents and follow the routine that the baby has. I would speak to the room leader about it.

Tumbleweed101 Sat 29-Aug-20 06:57:03

Baby rooms will usually follow the routine of the baby so just make it clear to them what she needs and when. They’ll give her milk and breakfast if you need them to if she doesn’t take her milk before she arrives.

With older age groups they may well try to get them to nap after lunch, for example, but even then they’re not going to stop a child from sleeping if they really need it.

MeadowHay Wed 02-Sep-20 16:42:00

My DD started nursery when she was 9m and they gave her milk at whatever time of day I asked them to and they put her down for a sleep whenever she was sleepy basically. She wasn't in any kind of nap routine at home before she went she just napped whenever. She did have a hard time napping at nursery and there were some days in those first couple of months where she slept far far less than she needed but that wasn't the staff's fault they just found she was waking quickly probably due to the noise of the other kids in the room. It got much better after a couple of months as she got more used to it and started to nap better there. There were no 'nap times' in the baby room as they took children from 6 weeks to 20 months old so they slept whenever they needed to.

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