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First day at nursery- wants to breastfeed all the time

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Khtchkn Wed 12-Aug-20 14:20:59

Hello. On Monday and Tuesday my 14 month old started nursery and hated it. Last night he cried inconsolably for 3hrs, i don’t think it was the heat as whenever I breastfed him he’d fall asleep on me, and when I tried put him back in the cot he screamed. He went to sleep at 7.30pm, woke up at 9pm, cried till 12am.. then slept and woke up every 1.5hr till 6.30am and I gave up. All of those times I had to breastfeed him. He wouldn’t settle to my husband. My son has been sleeping from 7.30pm - 8.30am every day and now it’s gone out the window. I just put him down for his nap and I had to breastfed him for around 1hr bcos everytime I tried take him off he’d protest. I finally let him sleep on me deeply then I moved him to his cot.
He eats a lot of solids, In his typical day I don’t usually breastfed a lot, and I’m surprised I still have milk in me. I only breastfeed everyday for his afternoon nap, and for his bedtime. He falls asleep within 5min no proble and I put him down drowsy. Now it’s impossible. Is this usual????? I’m thinking it’s to do with him starting nursery and adjusting to it

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Twirlytwoo Sat 15-Aug-20 20:54:15

It definitely sounds like adjusting to nursery has unsettled him and he is making up for it by nursing so often. I would still offer the boob when he wants it as it is clearly providing comfort for him and hopefully as he settles in nursery he won't need to nurse as often.

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