cant decide !

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Fandabydosey Sat 01-Aug-20 10:16:29

I work in an early years setting in an area where we have had 100s of confirmed cases to date. My setting has 3 bubbles and staff stay in their bubbles. We rotate toys daily, deep clean daily by disinfecting steaming and sanitising. We spend more time outside my room is an outdoor classroom. I am classed as vulnerable and I feel safe. Ask your nursery what procedures they have in place. We have found children have been quicker to settle in than usual some things have changed and our routine is slightly different. From what I have read children don't seem to be as seriously affected as adults and that they don't think children pass it to adults. If you are unsure ask for reassurance.

RainbowFlowers Tue 28-Jul-20 16:35:28

Yes have a read of the stats for of corona amongst children that will ease your mind.

Theresapossibility Mon 27-Jul-20 06:40:37

Mine went back 5 weeks ago (uk where we have only had 8 new cases since then)

As soon as they opened I sent them back but we as a family are not high risk and our mental health made the risk worth it. We have not had any Ill effects (touch wood)

Nursery are great. Kids kept in their bubbles, drop off and pick up at the door. Everything cleaned and only toys which can easily be cleaned are used.

We have also been mixing with friends and their children, they know we are attending nursery so give them the opportunity to decline any get togethers.

Salpa Sun 26-Jul-20 21:44:02

hello ,
im really confused about taking my kids back to nursery! i have a 1year & 3 years old . i m so tired after the lockdown and need a break, we live in belfast and their is no more than 3/5 cases of corona a day , should i risk!
thank you for helping

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