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Baby going back to nursery concerns

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tracemcd Wed 22-Jul-20 23:44:12

My 18 month old has been out of nursery for 4 months over 'lockdown' but, as I'm a keyworker, one of the staff from the nursery has been taking care of her in her own home and she's had a ball. I've just found out that she won't be in the same room as her when she goes back and I'm feeling so worried that she will feel sad, rejected, lonely, like she did something wrong. She's had that 1-1 attention for so long, how is she going to handle being one of many and not having her "Beppa"?? sad

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Ellmau Sun 26-Jul-20 18:52:07

Might be better having a complete break rather than being with her but competing with other DC for the attention?

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