Mulberry House School vs Clowns/Manor House

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Mumdidi Tue 07-Jul-20 00:03:38

Hi mums

My 14 months old has a place at Mulberry House and Clowns. And I wanted some thoughts on which of the 2 nurseries might be better.

We want little one to sit the 4+ assessment when the time comes and will try for NLCS, Habs, Highgate.

Does either nursery have a better track record? Any thoughts, suggestions, insights will be most appreciated.

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underneaththeash Tue 07-Jul-20 13:30:52

Both are good. Where do you live? Which one gave you the best feeling when you walked around?
I didn't like the vegetarian food served by Clowns, so we discounted that one.

Mumdidi Tue 07-Jul-20 16:04:45

Hi underneaththeash

Clowns is a 10 minute walk while Mulberry House is a 30 minute bus ride with 2 bus changes. So on commute front Clowns wins hands down.

But when I visited Mulberry House, I really liked it. Haven’t been able to walk around Clowns because of covid19. Did you visit Clowns and did you like it?

Where did you send your little one?

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