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Blueberrycheesecake1 Wed 01-Jul-20 15:52:31

Hi, my nursery has recently introduced parent zone. When my sons key worker is around its updated but otherwise no info whatsoever and no one can tell me anything at pick up either.... Am I unreasonable to say something or should I cut them some slack? I have no idea what he's eaten or how long he's slept or if he had an accident or went on potty, which is frustrating me a bit! Thanks!

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Fandabydosey Wed 01-Jul-20 22:24:30

An early years educators job is busy and challanging at the best of times however with the extra cleaning and trying to keep everyone safe I think you need to cut them some slack. Parent zone is a luxury and not a have to have. Learning journeys are also not required by ofsted. They are extra paperwork that a lot of staff complete at home and in their own time

Thefaceofboe Wed 15-Jul-20 19:21:45

We use parent zone at the nursery I work at and although there’s a hell of a lot of cleaning etc and the children have been more upset recently we still give 1 observation a day, every nappy change/accident, meals and sleep is uploaded and we also upload extra pictures too so parents can see they are happy. I don’t think you’re asking a lot to get the bare minimum details of your child’s day, especially if you don’t find out at pick up either.

donkir Wed 15-Jul-20 19:26:39

We have an online tracking system and each child gets at least 2 observations a week and our under 2s get a daily diary with what they've eaten etc.
However we do still do a parent handover all be it from a distance. Just because there's extra cleaning it doesn't mean that everything else gets neglected. Key workers should have a buddy system which means if your sons keyworker isn't in then her buddy takes her place.

rottiemum88 Wed 15-Jul-20 19:26:48

Our nursery has ParentZone too and like the PP says their nursery is doing, we still get all the regular updates for meals, nappy changes, sleeps, pictures and even an extra comment at the end of each day since he went back in June to say what kind of day he's had, as we don't get to chat to his key worker like we would have previously.

To be honest it's a bit overkill at times, but I'd rather have too many updates than too few. Knowing about sleep duration and what he's eaten at nursery is vital to our home routine, as we'll adapt evening meal/bedtime slightly depending on the day he's had. I'd absolutely ask about it, if it's something his key worker can manage then so should the others ideally, at least the bear minimum

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