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Shift worker retainer fee?

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SilentAlarm Sun 21-Jun-20 09:45:32


I’m waiting on a reply from the nursery but thought I’d see if anyone here could help me as I’m trying to compare costs whilst I have some free time today, before calling them tomorrow.

Does anyone know how a shift worker retainer fee would be worked out? The paperwork just says “Retainer fee for Parental shifts 20% of average week”.


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Looneytune253 Sun 21-Jun-20 09:49:02

I would imagine it will be the cost of your actual week (eg 3 days a week at say £70 per day) £210 20% of this on top which would be £42 extra.

Apple40 Sun 21-Jun-20 21:59:28

If you require a childcare placement to cover different days each week most childminder usually charge a 50% retainer fees for un-used days, so if a day costs you £50 you would pay £25 on the days you don’t need care. As you are paying to always have a space as it can’t be used by another family.

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