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Fining a nursery during this pandemic

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jannier Wed 08-Jul-20 13:10:55

Totally get your point children learn from each other having role models to encourage development and the caring nature of having smaller children plus self esteem making it a win win. Nature dosent segregate in family group neither should we for convenience exposure to challenges encourages development being held back because of your birthday is mad.
I dont get maths and English classes the Eyfs runs from birth to end of reception and is learning through play and offering challenges children learn the skills so write by building fine motor and core muscles and will write in play. Maths is learned by sand, sorting counting and language of size, role playing shops all evidence supports this rather than a formal half hour session that only benefits marketing

Twirlytwoo Wed 08-Jul-20 12:04:41

Sorry to jump on this thread but @OnlyFoolsnMothers why would you avoid a nursery that has babies and 18 months old in the same room? One of my possible options has 1-2 year olds whereas another is more of a child minder setting and all the kids are mixed up.

natbrn Tue 23-Jun-20 16:07:33

So I understand we can now visit. I have a slot booked for this Saturday. Visits can’t be done while children are present hence the Saturday.

Thank you everyone for your tips, it’s been really helpful. It’s so hard to trust total strangers.

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SilentAlarm Sun 21-Jun-20 09:50:26

I’m just starting to look at nurseries now, the first one had a video tour available on the website and invited me for a socially distanced tour. The second has invited me to a virtual tour via Skype.

jannier Fri 12-Jun-20 20:10:07

Have you considered a childminder they have smaller bubbles and can get to know you both in internet meetings, garden visits etc at your lo,s pace.
They work to the same standards and are inspected by the same ofsted inspectors often with the same qualifications as nursery managers.

C111 Wed 10-Jun-20 23:51:09

Hi please can I ask where it is your based ? As I have a nursery and we are doing viewings safety .

dinosaurdee Wed 10-Jun-20 15:15:45

I would start with looking at Ofsted reports as well as asking on your local FB pages for local recommendations.

jasmine867 Tue 09-Jun-20 19:06:57

I've just had to look for a new nursery as my sons one isn't opening again. The manager gave me a tour when they were closed. No other staff present, socially distanced, both of us wore masks and gloves. Reviews
I found online using day nurseries and several conversations I've had has put me at ease.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Tue 09-Jun-20 09:44:37

Could you do a tour out of hours before they clean it of an evening just to see the lay out. Check the ofsted.
Things that were important to me:

Hours of opening- What they offered for the price: nappies/ food/ snacks etc
The room age bracket (opted against a nursery where babies and 18 month olds were in the same room).
Checked their food menu
The elder years starting maths and English classes was a plus for as my LO is an August baby so will start school very young
A safe garden (saw one nursery with a giant concrete step to access the garden)

Do you know any locals mum you could ask? My neighbour gave me her views of the local nurseries as her kid started a year earlier than mine. Pretty much agreed with all her points when I viewed them.

Apple40 Mon 08-Jun-20 21:53:09

I can understand how you feel but sadly this is going to be the new normal for some time even for childminders as it’s all about reducing the risk of infection to not only the staff but for the children already in there care and to you as well in case a child show signs later that day. Videos , zoom meetings, pictures and social distancing meetings are how childminders are meeting possible new clients. The same with settling in sessions are being carried out in the garden with parents and then once a child starts door strep drop off and collection.

SandieCheeks Mon 08-Jun-20 20:31:15

Things they could possibly offer:
Video tour of the building
Tour of the building with just the manager after hours
Meeting baby room staff in the garden and staying 2m away from everyone

Whatdidyoucallme Mon 08-Jun-20 17:28:20

@natbrn Oh my goodness. I am in the same position. Our daughter is 3 years old and we found a nursery nearby. I spoke to them today and all they do is send you videos of each room? How can I send my child somewhere I have never been myself? I am truly shocked. Also I would like to meet the practitioners who will look after our daughter. When I asked that question, they told me I can look them up online on their nursery website and will see their CV and picture?!?! I need to meet them in person.
I am really stressed, and understand your situation.
How can we make sure its a safe place for our little ones? Anyone have any suggestions?

ToelessPobble Mon 08-Jun-20 16:42:32

I would suggest asking if you can meet the person running the nursery for a distanced conversation outside as you can get a good feeling for them and they set the culture for how it is run, photos will give you a good idea of the inside. If you get chance watch the kids through the window. Also ask friends where their children go and how they find it, or if you do not have friends then try to get references from a couple of parents or ask on Facebook if people can PM you with their experiences of the nursery or where they would recommend. It is a tricky time to find one so hope it goes well.

natbrn Mon 08-Jun-20 16:37:17

I am currently looking for a nursery for my daughter (7mo). However even though nurseries are open they aren’t allowing visits. I have just come off maternity and been put on furlough. I had started my search for nursery at the end of feb but I was being quite relaxed about it as i didn’t intend to go back to work until October, I only visited one. But now I could have to go back at any time.
How do I pick a nursery without visiting? I don’t know what questions to ask. I certainly do not feel comfortable with the situation. Can anyone help with advice.

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