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Closure of Leapfrog nurseries - is anyone else affected?

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Lio Tue 18-Sep-07 20:37:34

The one dd and ds go to in Stevenage is threatened with closure. Anyone else? Are you planning to try and fight the decision?

FluffyMummy123 Wed 19-Sep-07 20:29:11

Message withdrawn

nannynick Wed 19-Sep-07 20:31:31

Thread about closure of Northampton (Riverside) Leapfrog

tiredemma Wed 19-Sep-07 20:35:06

The one in Edgbaston (lovely big old house) is now boarded up.

Lio Wed 19-Sep-07 21:32:04

Thanks all, we have written a sternly worded letter (yep, that'll work).

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