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Day rates

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mhunro Mon 04-May-20 15:45:55

Does anyone know if the nursery day rate varies for different days and if so which weekdays tend to be more expensive than others?

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pinknsparkly Mon 04-May-20 16:34:57

I've never heard of nurseries charging this way. Certainly all our local nurseries that we've considered have a set day rate regardless of the day of the week.

insancerre Mon 04-May-20 16:37:27

The day rate is the same regardless of the day of the week in every nursery I’ve ever worked in
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the most popular but they cost the same as Monday and Friday

FoxtrotSkarloey Mon 04-May-20 16:51:57

Every day the same at the four nurseries I looked at. Only discount was a slight saving for doing all five days.

Cheeseycheeseycheesecheese Mon 04-May-20 16:54:11

All the nurseries we looked at had morning and afternoon rates that were different, but the day rate was the same all week.
I've never known a nursery to put a variant on day by day.

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