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s2391r Sun 08-Mar-20 05:40:02


I'm a first time mum, and returned to work last week. I'm fortunate enough to bring my son who is 6 months to work with me, as I work in a nursery. I am able to see him whenever I like, however the first week was really hard for me, although he is in the same building as me, I'm scared of losing my bond with him, as daddy picks him up before I finish, I get home between 5:30 - 6:30pm so I get to spend an hour or 2 with him before bedtime, and I do bathtime and read him a story while daddy gives him his bedtime bottle. I'm just asking has anyone else returned to work earlier and still has a strong bond with their child? I have such bad mum guilt but me and my partner are planning to mover to a larger house so financially, going back to work would help this process be much quicker. I love my son so much and would hate if he starts to not love me as much due to not seeing me as much as he did in the first 6 months of his life. I really do try and see him as much as I can when I'm at work, but it's only for short periods of time, I just hope he doesn't hate me in the long run for putting him in full time childcare at a young age. Please anyone who has returned work early, would love to hear about how you and your child's relationships are now, as I'm riddled with mum guilt and anxiety of losing that special bond. sad

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