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Toddler tried to headbutt other kid at nursery

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OnlyFoolsnMothers Tue 10-Mar-20 20:46:23

Why are 3 yr olds in the baby room?

I tend to conclude some kids are just physical at that age- like how some are bolters. How do you react when he hits you?

coffeeandpyjamas Tue 10-Mar-20 20:42:49

I wouldn’t be concerned about your DS’ behaviour but what would concern me from what you’ve said is that they haven’t given your husband the full details of the incident, and also that they have almost 3 year olds with babies.

Chowski Wed 04-Mar-20 14:50:09

I wouldn’t be overly worried about an isolated incident like that, he was probably just being physical with his friends and got too excited. These things happen with almost every child whether or not they were tired , frustrated etc we still need to set boundaries.

Lois345 Sat 29-Feb-20 11:14:20

Hello. Advice needed. My DS (20 months) tried to headbutt another kid at nursery today. DH collected and said that nursery staff had been a little concerned. He did not get the whole story (what the kids were doing, was DS frustrated, were the kids playing etc). DS is generally a happy and lovely little boy, but he hits me when he gets frustrated/angry/ is overtired. Headbutting is a new one though. We are just settling him into a new nursery due to upcoming move, so it was only his day 5. There are lots of older kids at the nursery (lots of almost 3 year olds in the baby room), so it may be a little wild for him at times. Anyway, lots of changes and new things happening around him, which may be the underlying course. I work full time and am so this feeds into that motherly sense of guilt for living my little boy at nursery for fairly lengthily periods of time. Any experience with headhunting or other violent behaviour at nursery and how did you deal with it? Thank you so much

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